Caretakers have an incredibly hard job taking care of the elderly on a daily basis. Often trusting a stranger feels too risky so someone close to the patient volunteers to take the role of caretaker. Even though most people want to believe that their loved ones wouldn’t take advantage of an elderly person’s vulnerable state, it happens every day. Elder abuse lawyers see situations all of the time where someone sees an opportunity to make some easy money from their elderly relative who in their mind doesn’t need the money anymore. No matter what the situation, this is still theft and elder abuse and should never be tolerated.

Granddaughter Gets Arrested for Exploiting and Stealing from Elderly Relative

elder abuse lawyers in NJ and PA52-year-old Lynda S. Hutcheson is being accused of stealing almost $12,000 from her 100-year-old grandmother’s bank accounts in just a few months. She is being charged with grand theft, 39 counts of criminal use of personal identification and exploitation of the elderly. Hutcheson moved in with her mother and grandmother in April and started stealing from her within weeks. After a July 20 incident at Score Credit Union bank where she withdrew funds without authorization, an investigation looked into Hutcheson. They discovered that Hutcheson would drive the victim on daily errands to pick things up for her and used her grandmother’s credit cards. She would also get a large amount of money out of the bank, buy small items for her grandmother and then save the rest of the money for herself. The bank contacted the victim’s family when the account was overdrawn and the situation became so bad that the missing money was originally reported by Hutcheson’s mother.

Elder Abuse Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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