Medical Malpractice and Sexual Abuse Allegations Drive Doctor to Suicide

On February 18th of this year, Dr. Melvin Levine, a pediatrician who worked at Children’s Hospital Boston, was found dead, by a gunshot wound to the head, in the woods surrounding his North Carolina home. The death came a day after a class action lawsuit was filed against him for medical malpractice and sexual abuse of at least 40 male patients in the years between 1966 and 1985. Last week, Dr. Levine’s death was ruled a suicide.

Men Come Forward Claiming Abuse By Levine

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys allegations melvin levine suicideDr. Levine had long been accused of sexually abusing of his male patients, but always maintained his innocence. But not long ago, men began to come forward, describing incidents where they had seen Dr. Levine as children and been molested in his office. Some spoke of fondling during routine check-ups, and others even claim that Dr. Levine performed oral sex on them.

Christopher Dean is a 50 year old architect in Rossindale, Mass and was, at one time, a patient of Dr. Levine. Dean says the molestation occurred when Dr. Levine saw him in his elementary school nurse’s office. Levine fondled him and said he’d like to see him as a regular patient. A young Christopher left the office in tears, but never told anyone. When he was 25, Christopher’s mother told him that Levine had molested 2 young sons of a friend of hers and had relocated to North Carolina, probably fleeing from allegations. When his mother asked him, Christopher was so humiliated about what happened years before, that he lied to her and held that Levine never touched him. He finally told his mother the truth last week, and has yet to tell his father.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

Medical malpractice in the form of bad judgments and medical negligence is awful, but medical malpractice in the form of deliberate abuse is depraved. Dr. Levine, if guilty, engaged in disturbing and life-changing actions from a place of trust and power. And his guilt doesn’t look any less likely after his suicide this past week.

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  1. Good. I am glad the victims are pursuing their cases. Levine was the worst kind of coward for ducking out from facing his accusers.

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