Medical Malpractice Attorneys Face New Challenges with New Legislation

The state of Florida has recently passed significant restrictions on an injured patient’s ability to seek lawsuits against medical professionals within the state. With the stronger regulations, medical malpractice attorneys are now faced with a much more difficult road to seek justice and a fair outcome for their clients. Limitations on potential damages and restrictions on plaintiffs’ ability to call expert witnesses may handcuff attorneys and their injured clients in seeking a fair result.

Medical Profession vs. Injured Patients: Florida’s Cost Benefit Analysis

medical malpractice attorneys in nj and paThroughout the past decade, Florida has been seeking solutions to keep quality doctors within the state. The lack of major liability in medical malpractice lawsuits will be a major motivating factor for physicians when they ultimately select a location to practice. If doctors can decrease their financial outlay on insurance and other means to protect themselves against lawsuits, they will see a significant increase in their profit margin. The state had worried that they lagged behind much of the nation in recruiting and maintaining specialty doctors in fields such as orthopedics and neurology.

Clearly, it is a major state interest to have a strong medical system with top notch doctors. The problem arises when seriously injured patients are not able to receive the full and fair amount in damages. The debate will rage on when patient interests are examined under a microscope. If people are seriously injured due to major medical malpractice, it does not seem fair to limit their ability to pursue a jury trial, a right guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America. This legislation may or may not increase the quality of medical care within the state of Florida, but it will definitely limit the ability of innocent victims of malpractice to seek a fair outcome through the legal process.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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