Medical Malpractice Attorneys Examine the Pros and Cons of Litigation

Recently, there has been much debate over medical malpractice lawsuits and the potential need for tort reform across the United States. Although some experts are quick to “poo-poo” medical negligence cases as attacks on medical professionals, lawyers maintain that an individual’s right to sue is part of their bigger right to compensation for losses at the hands of others. Medical malpractice attorneys will point to certain social goals that are achieved by bringing these cases, while others may counter by pointing to the increased costs, strain on the court systems, and the high prices paid by doctors for some sort of defensive … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Win Verdict for Louisiana Man

Medical malpractice attorneys win a large verdict for a man and his wife after a nurse's negligence led to his brain injury. The plaintiff, Mr. Ralph LeCroy, went in to Glenwood Regional Medical Center in West Monroe, LA for a simple and routine procedure on his rotator cuff. Following his procedure, Mr. LeCroy received 50 mg of IV Demerol in the recovery room and was later transferred to another room where he was under the care of nurse Sasha Sanders. During the time LeCroy spent under Sanders' care, she failed to properly monitor his condition, provide him with proper recovery measures, follow the doctor’s orders, and make a physician … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Face New Challenges with New Legislation

The state of Florida has recently passed significant restrictions on an injured patient's ability to seek lawsuits against medical professionals within the state. With the stronger regulations, medical malpractice attorneys are now faced with a much more difficult road to seek justice and a fair outcome for their clients. Limitations on potential damages and restrictions on plaintiffs’ ability to call expert witnesses may handcuff attorneys and their injured clients in seeking a fair result. Medical Profession vs. Injured Patients: Florida’s Cost Benefit Analysis Throughout the past decade, Florida has been seeking solutions to keep … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Score Back to Back Wins in PA

In late April, two plaintiffs in Erie County, Pennsylvania received favorable verdicts in their medical malpractice cases, with awards totally over $30 million. One case involved the estate of Carolyn Champlin, a 66 year old woman who lost her life to a missed lung cancer diagnosis. The missed diagnosis prevented Champlin from ever receiving treatment for her illness, even though she had all necessary tests and met with both her primary care physician and a thoracic surgeon regularly. Both doctors missed the cancer, as it spread through and ravaged her body. Another case involved a negligent child-birth that resulted in cerebral … [Read more...]