Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Man Sues Doctor for Amputating Penis

medical malpractice attorneys in nj and paPhillip Seaton, a sixty one year old man from Kentucky, went to Dr. John Patterson for a routine circumcision to relieve inflammation. Medical malpractice attorneys say that Seaton is now suing his former doctor after this routine procedure turned into an amputation of his penis. Seaton claims that he never gave the doctor permission to go through with the amputation and he was not given a chance to consult with another doctor for a second opinion. The key question that medical malpractice attorneys believe will be answered in litigation is whether a doctor can remove an organ or a limb if he or she believes it will be life saving.

Doctor Says Amputation was Necessary

Dr. John Patterson’s medical malpractice attorneys will argue that the doctor had to remove the patient’s penis because cancer was discovered during the circumcision procedure. On the other side, Seaton has declared that even if there was cancer, it was not life threatening and the amputation did not need to occur imminently. The jurors will be asked to determine if the doctor’s actions were a “necessary part of the surgery” and whether the doctor “had no reasonable option” other than removing the body part. David Perecman, one of many medical malpractice attorneys chiming in on this issue, stated “the law protects a patient’s right to make his or her own medical decisions. . .The law extends to the right of every patient to be informed of the consequences, risks and alternatives or any surgery or procedure.”

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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