Medical Malpractice Lawyers File Suit in New York for Stillbirth

An Oneida obstetrician, Dr. Geoffrey Lucas, was recently arrested on felony charges and now faces more trouble as he is being sued for medical malpractice. Medical malpractice attorneys claim that Dr. Lucas was

reckless, egregious, grossly negligent, wanton and with absolute disregard for human life.

Negligence and Disregard Lead to Tragedy

new jersey philadelphia medical malpracitce lawyers suit new york stillbirthMelissa Halladay had been a patient of Women’s Health Associates since 1995, and Dr. Lucas was her primary caregiver throughout her 2009 pregnancy. In her third trimester, Melissa was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which was monitored and controlled with insulin.

Nearly 40 weeks into her pregnancy, Melissa noticed troubling discharges and visited Oneida Healthcare. A urinalysis showed extremely high blood sugar levels. Dr. Lucas was notified over the phone and, without ever examining Melissa, advised her to return home, drink more water, and keep her feet up.

Melissa went home and for six days, experienced the same heavy discharge. She continually called Oneida Healthcare about her symptoms but was told by a nurse that everything was normal, and that she should should continue to drink more water and keep her feet up.

On October 15, 2009, after starting to experience contractions, Melissa and Morris Halladay went to the emergency room at Oneida Healthcare Center. There, no nurse or physician could find a fetal heartbeat. Dr. Lucas was notified, arrived over an hour later, and confirmed that the baby had no heartbeat. Melissa Halladay would deliver a full-term, stillborn baby.

The delivery was excruciating and took hours. The suit claims that the infant’s body was “mangled,” and that the baby was left inside the Halladay’s hospital room for “an extended period of time.”
The OHC relations director declined to comment on the lawsuit, but did say that what happened was:

an extremely tragic and devastating situation for the family and everyone involved

Meanwhile, Dr. Lucas faces two felony counts of criminal sale of a prescription for controlled substances, and 1 felony count of first-degree identity theft.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in NJ and PA

The Halladays were put through a horrific ordeal when losing their baby. The negligent behavior of Dr. Lucas and the Oneida Healthcare Center cost a couple their child. Dr. Lucas’ blatant lack of concern for the well-being of his patients or his role as a doctor is detestable. No medical provider with such a clear disregard for patient health and safety should be able to practice medicine.

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