Medical Malpractice Lawyers Inform of the Dangers of Damage Caps

There has been a push in some legal and political circles to cap damages for medical malpractice cases. Usually when this is discussed, some anecdotal story is brought up about some minor injury and a multi-million dollar award. However, these misleading anecdotes do not tell the whole story. The judgments that medical malpractice lawyers get work to serve the community in several ways that, when caps are utilized, are greatly diminished in value. Attorneys help victims regain some semblance of their life, and usually a modest sum to compensate the victims. Damage caps are destructive to our legal system.

What Damage Caps Do

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys dangers damage capsThose anecdotes you hear are often about some “frivolous” injury and a multi-million dollar award. Usually, these anecdotes are urban legends and are far from the truth. Juries are assigned with the task of fixing damages based on a number of factors, including the projected cost of continued medical care. When caps are utilized, medical malpractice lawyers can still win a judgment, but it is more likely that the judgment is not going to be enough to cover the victim’s medical costs. When the victim cannot pay their medical bills, the government will have to step in and help, help that is subsidized by taxpayers. Why should victims of medical malpractice and citizens have to bear the burden of “fixing the system” in favor of insurance companies and doctors?

Furthermore, what damage caps do is artificially allow bad doctors to stay in business and hurt other people. If damage caps are not utilized, attorneys will win judgments that compensate their clients, which are typically paid out by the doctor’s insurance company. When you lose a medical malpractice case, your medical malpractice insurance premium will increase and some of the worst doctors will be forced out of practice. However, with the caps in place, the consequences for practicing bad medicine are greatly lowered, and many of these dangerous doctors are still practicing.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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