Medical Malpractice Lawyers Support FDA Surgical Fire-Safety Initiative

Medical malpractice attorneys represent patients each year that suffer the often lasting effects of surgical fires. Sometimes, they represent the family members of patients who did not live through the harrowing tragedy. It is important to discuss with your surgeon the risks and dangers associated with surgical room fires.

Operating Room Fires Rare but Relevant

nj and pa medical malpractice lawyersDr. Nancy Perrier speaks of her first encounter with an operating room blaze;

“The flames were at least 6 to 8 feet high and the correct actions were unknown to everyone in the operating room. The patient survived the operation, but died about 30 days later from complications of a significant pulmonary injury.”

Doctors and the FDA alike know that these events are nearly 100% preventable. That is why they are pushing for increased oversight on the education of surgical fires for operating room personnel.

Just last month, the FDA hosted a special workshop to looks for ways to stop fires from happening, as well as to offer pertinent medical professionals the tools and knowledge to deal with those that occur.
Experts have estimated that about 650 operating room fires are sparked nationwide every year. As previously stated, many of the victims of those fires will walk away scarred or marginally scathed. Others, however, will lose their lives.

Dr. David Cowles, an anesthesiologist who previously spent 14 years as a firefighter and paramedic, knows well the need for FDA intervention when it comes to establishing a medical standard concerning surgical room fires:

“As a firefighter you’re concerned about what’s going to be the safest way to do a dangerous job and that’s not unlike what it is in the operating room, where every day we perform procedures that could be dangerous and we need to explore the safest way to do that.”

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