New Program Will help Prevent Medical Malpractice Caused by Miscommunication

medical malpractice negligence new jersey philadelphia attorneys miscommunicationAccording to a recent study, almost 80% of all serious medical malpractice events stem from poor communication during “patient hand-offs”. These errors are usually caused by the inadequate transfer of crucial patient information from one medical provider to another. Without the correct information about a patient’s current and past medical treatment, a doctor can make terrible mistakes that could lead to misdiagnosis, serious injury, or wrongful death.

In response to the results of this study, the Joint Commission (the agency that accredits U.S. Hospitals) has developed a “pilot program” that hospitals will begin instilling to help prevent errors that include practitioners treating patients without adequate knowledge of their condition and treatments. It is widely hoped that the program will assist in the reduction of medical errors during the patient transfer process, and subsequently reduce the amount of patient suffering due to medical malpractice.

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