Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Necessary to Exposing Nursing Home Abuse

According to a recent report by the American Association for Justice, civil lawsuits help uncover nursing home abuse and insurance company offenses. "Where regulatory and legislative bodies have been unable to cope with this distressing rise of neglect and abuse of our elderly, the civil justice system has stepped into the breach," said AAJ President Gibson Vance.This statement is contained in the report, Standing Up For Seniors: How the Civil Justice System Protects Elderly Americans. The report outlines how, through litigation, trial attorneys across the country have uncovered evidence of corporate programs aimed at terminating seniors' … [Read more...]

DePuy Hip Implant Removal – Who Pays?

Many patients that have had the recalled DePuy ASR hip implant are concerned about the potential health risk posed by the release of medical particles into the blood stream. Even if the DePuy hip implant seems to be in perfect working order, some patients are insisting that their orthopaedic surgeons remove these hip implants before they become sick or experience hip symptoms. However, if a patient is not experiencing medical symptoms, that patient's health insurance will likely not cover the cost of a DePuy hip implant removal. I Have a DePuy Hip Implant and I want it Removed Before it Starts Causing Harm - What Can I Do? Well, you … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence: Seek the Help of an Attorney

For many baby boomers, there comes a time when the health issues of mother, father, or other loved one become so advanced that it is impossible to safely and properly care for them anymore. When this happens, the only option may be to place them in a nursing home. Sometimes these stays are for rehabilitation purposes and are temporary. Frequently, however, the stays are permanent. Nursing homes promise that they are equipped to take care of people who are unable to take care of themselves, hence the reason they are in business. They are supposed to provide the care a sick person's family can no longer provide. And just as families rarely … [Read more...]

After DePuy Recall, Patients Ask: “Did I really need that implant?”

Now that some 96,000 patients could potentially have a defective DePuy ASR hip implant, many patients are asking the question "Did I really need to have hip replacement surgery to begin with?" Many patients who elected to have the DePuy hip replacement surgery did so because they had hip pain and believed that this device would "cure" their pain. But, a hip implant is a treatment for the pain, not a cure. Why isn't a Hip Implant a Cure for Hip Joint Pain? The hip is a joint between the top of the leg bone ("femur") and the pelvis bone ("acetabulum"). Hip pain is caused when there is damage to this joint. The main function of the hip … [Read more...]

New Program Will help Prevent Medical Malpractice Caused by Miscommunication

According to a recent study, almost 80% of all serious medical malpractice events stem from poor communication during "patient hand-offs". These errors are usually caused by the inadequate transfer of crucial patient information from one medical provider to another. Without the correct information about a patient's current and past medical treatment, a doctor can make terrible mistakes that could lead to misdiagnosis, serious injury, or wrongful death. In response to the results of this study, the Joint Commission (the agency that accredits U.S. Hospitals) has developed a "pilot program" that hospitals will begin instilling to help … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice leads to a 1.5 Million Dollar Verdict

In 2006, a 20 year old woman died after being misdiagnosed and released from a Chicago area ER. November 9, 2010, a Chicago jury awarded her family $1.5 million. Medical Malpractice in a Chicago Hospital Michelle L. Koenig went to the Emergency Room at Provena St. Mary's Hospital with complaints of a skin condition that she did not recognize or know the cause of. The ER doctor, Timothy Moran, diagnosed her skin illness as simply a rash and sent Michelle home. Two days later, Michelle was dead. Michelle was actually suffering from an aggressive form of Chickenpox and, tragically, Dr. Moran's misdiagnosis lead to her death. In two … [Read more...]