Is the DePuy Hip Implant Wear and Tear Just Like Other Implants?

depuy hip implant recall attorneys new jersey philadelphia asr replacementWhenever there is rubbing between two surfaces, there will always be wear and tear. All hip implants will have some wear and tear between the implant and the bone. During surgery, a surgeon will cut out the old hip joint and glue in a new hip joint (implant). These implants will have both a “ball,” which is at the head of the femur, and a “cup,” which is the joint/hip socket. These pieces will rub together and over time, break down.

However, although all of the implants do shed, most implant patients would not need a new implant for about 10 or 15 years. The wear rate for a metal-on-polyethylene implant is about 00.10 milileters each year. This hip implant wear rate was deemed to be medically insufficient.
The recalled DePuy hip implant system uses metal-on-metal bearings consisting of Cobalt and Chromium. DePuy advertised this system as producing less wear debris.

DePuy Hip Implants Don’t Deliver on Their Promises

Unfortunately, the medical research which tracked DePuy hip implant patients showed that these recalled DePuy ASR hip replacement systems had a greater rate of wear and tear, and were actually producing MORE wear debris. The research showed that there was a significant volume of microscopic metal particles which were being released into the patient’s bloodstream. These cobalt and chromium submicroscopic particles, accompanied with the rate at which they are being distributed within the body, can have seriously adverse effects on patients.

In addition, since the wear and tear rate of the DePuy ASR hip replacement systems seems to be greater than that of traditional hip implants, they are not lasting longer than traditional hip implants and surgery is needed much sooner. As a result, DePuy Orthopaedics, following an exposé published in the New York Times, finally issued a voluntary recall of these products.

NJ and PA DePuy Hip Implant Recall Attorneys

Although all hip implants (and all body part implants for that matter) are subject to wear and tear, the DePuy hip implant has a greater rate of wear and tear than it’s competitiors, and the metallic materials which are being shed during this wear and tear are hazardous to a patient’s health.
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