New Legislation Will Finally Hold Foreign Manufacturers Accountable

new jersey philadelphia defective products attorneys liability taishan gypsum foreign manufacturersThere are currently no laws in place protecting the rights of consumers agaisnt foreign manufacturers. Foreign companies are free to manufacture defective and dangerous products, sell them in America, and suffer no consequences for their actions. But the House Energy and Commerce Committee has recently approved legislation that will finally allow the U.S. to hold foreign manufacturers accountable.
The legislation, called the Foreign Manufacturers Accountability Act, will require that foreign companies have “agents” in at least one state in the U.S. in which the company does business that will accept service of process for civil or regulatory claims. That agent will serve as a sort of liason between foreign corporations and U.S. regulators.

The approval of this legislation is a huge step for product safety in America. As of now, companies like Taishan Gypsum, a Chinese manufacturer of drywall, could produce defective products, sell them in bulk in America, and turn around and never look back. Taishan Gypsum was recently sued by homeowners from the southern United States for drywall that was emitting sulfuric acid. The emissions caused such damage that affected homes had to be demolished and re-erected.
The health implications have not even been addressed yet. Unfortunately, the ruling made against Taishan Gypsum, in the amount of 2.6 million dollars, doesn’t even matter. They are not legally bound to pay that money, nor were they legally responsible to even respond to the suit. Taishan Gypsum was 100% absent during proceedings.

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The approval of this legislation will make it much easier to hold foreign manufactures liable for their defective products, and will make consumers affected by defective, foreign products able to receive their due compensation.

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