Medical Malpractice Tragically Takes the Life of a 7 Month Old

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice negligence attorneys tressel meinardi cincinatti children hospitalSeven month old Tressel was the only child to Scott and Emilie Meinardi. The baby had been living with heart issues since birth, and was to undergo a procedure at the Cincinatti Children’s Hospital that would correct one of the issues. During the procedure, however, a technician made a heart breaking mistake. Instead of flushing the infant’s system with saline solution, the medical staff member used alcohol. Obviously, sending alcohol through a tiny baby’s body had dire consequences. Tressel died that day.

This medical malpractice is not un-like an error that occured in a hospital not too long ago, when a baby was accidently given morphine. Errors like these are absolutely preventable, and staff members need to stop and look at what could be causing these tragedies. Simply confusing alcohol for saline has cost an infant their life, and parents their only child.

Medical Malpractice and the Mininno Law Office

It’s hard to imagine the kind of pain that Tressel’s family must now be dealing with. Medical Malpractice takes the lives of many patients, and something must be done to help prevent it. Doctors and hospitals must suffer consequences for the avoidable mistakes that are made.

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While we help you get the compensation you deserve, you can help motivate doctors and hospital adminstrators to work harder to prevent mistakes like these.


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