Bedsores: A growing $11 Billion Industry

new jersey philadelphia bedsores pressure sores attorneys medical negligence nursing home abuseA recently published study estimated that the annual cost of medical errors in the U.S. in 2008 was $19.5 billion dollars.
Of that 19.5 billion, 11 billion payed for the treatment of bedsores or pressure sores.

The study reported that about 1.5 million measurable medical errors happen annually, according to co-author Jonathon Shreve. It also found the 10 most common medical errors in the U.S., and found that most of the cost of medical errors can be attributed to 5 common errors:

– Pressure Ulcers
– Postoperative Infections
– Mechanical Complications of Devices, Implants, or Grafts
– Postlaminectomy Syndrome – persistance of pain and/or disability following back surgery and
– Hemorrhages complicationg a procedure

Bedsores alone are costing upwards of $11 billion dollars a year to treat. Bedsores are completely avoidable occurences, and there is no excuse for the astounding amount of patients suffering through them. They cause immense pain, and in many cases, infection.
Nursing home and hospital care must become more attentive and compassionate in order to move in the direction of correcting this serious plight.

Are you a Victim of Medical Errors or Negligence?

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