Attorney Spends His Life Fighting Injustice and Dies from Nursing Home Abuse

Attorney Don Brown of Montgomery County, Texas (not to be confused with our own Donald Browne) died late last week from complications that arose from nursing home abuse and negligence at the Willis Rehabilitation Center in Willis, Texas.

nursing home abuse negligence kills don brown
Clarence Lee Brandley Sr., poses for a picture at his home. Brandley was exonerated after 9 years on death row thanks to Attorney Don Brown.
Don Brown was most known for a triumphant victory that saved a man on death row.
Clarence Lee Brandley, Sr. was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 9 years on death row before Browne had him exonerated, proving that he was the victim of racial prejudice, witness intimidation, and perjured testimony.

Brandley, 65, said of Browne, “He was a great attorney. There was a lot of things he tried to do (to help me), but they hindered him. He did a lot of things for a lot of people.

Brown’s daughter, Celia, has spoken out about the horrendous care her father received in the nursing home before his death. She claims that he was overmedicated. Willis had him on a regimen on anti-psychotic drugs and vicodin. Celia believes that the doses of vicodin were so high, Brown could not eat, which eventually lead to his kidney failure.
She also speaks of a bedsore so bad that his tailbone was actually protruding from the skin. Brown was taken to Conroe Regional Medical Center and treated for penumonia. He died three days later.

It’s sad that a man who dedicated his life to helping others had to suffer so before he died. Don Brown was nearly broke at the end of his life, having given away most of his assets, and trying most of his cases for free. He was a man of compassion, and deserved the same from caretakers at his nursing home.

Victim of Nursing Home Abuse?

If you or a loved one have suffered from nursing home abuse or negligence, you must seek the consult of a nursing home abuse attorney. They will help you receive the compensation that you and you’re loved ones deserve.
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