Nursing Home Abuse – Does My Family Have a Case?

At the Mininno Law Office, we know from experience that it can be a difficult for a family to decide whether or not to investigate if a nursing home should be held responsible for injuries to a loved one. Furthermore, it can be quite disheartening at a later time when the law firm a family finally trusted to perform an investigation sends a letter indicating their disinterest. Based upon the experience of New Jersey nursing home abuse attorney Donald Browne, experienced personal injury attorneys and their law firms commonly reject claims of nursing home abuse that do have merit. Nursing home abuse and neglect cases have different … [Read more...]

Attorney Spends His Life Fighting Injustice and Dies from Nursing Home Abuse

Attorney Don Brown of Montgomery County, Texas (not to be confused with our own Donald Browne) died late last week from complications that arose from nursing home abuse and negligence at the Willis Rehabilitation Center in Willis, Texas. Don Brown was most known for a triumphant victory that saved a man on death row. Clarence Lee Brandley, Sr. was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 9 years on death row before Browne had him exonerated, proving that he was the victim of racial prejudice, witness intimidation, and perjured testimony. Brandley, 65, said of Browne, "He was a great attorney. There was a lot of things he tried to do … [Read more...]