Will parents sue for Wrongful Death in Langhorne, PA?

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Bryan Nevins, 20, was left inside a van to die in the middle of a record setting heatwave.

On July 24, 2010, Bryan Nevins (20), a severely autistic young man, died of hyperthermia after being left in the back of a van during a record setting heatwave. He was a resident at Woods Services in Langhorne, PA, and was found hours after returning from a group trip to Sesame Place.
District Attorney David Heckler has not yet decided whether or not to prosecute Nevins’ caretaker for negligence, or if this was simply an accident. Nevins’ parents live in New York, but have said that despite his age, he has the mental capacity of a two year old.

The question on prosecutors’ minds is whether this is a case of negligence at a care center or simply a tragic accident. If it is determined that negligence is at fault, a person or persons could be charged with involuntary manslaughter. And the facility could be sued for wrongful death in PA.

It seems that, upon returning from the water park, each resident should have been accounted for as they exited the van. How could Bryan have simply been forgotten about? It was someone’s responsibility to make sure that he returned safely from Sesame Place to the facility, and back to his room or common meeting area.
To leave him in the back of a van in the middle of heatwave is irresponsible and grossly negligent: this is a clear cut case of wrongful death.

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