Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Not Always Visible

Brain damage and traumatic brain injuries in newborns can sometimes be detected by physical appearances, recognized through brain scans, a child’s disposition, or developmental delays. Not all brain damages exhibit physical abnormalities but those that do often have unusually shaped skull structures (quite often a tiny skull size), difficulty focusing the eyes, large forehead, deformed spine, and other facial abnormalities. Identifying Brain Injuries through Behavioral and Developmental Characteristics Behavioral differences include excessive fussiness, extended periods of crying, refusal to sleep lying down, or too much or too little … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Shouldn’t Dampen the Joy of Birth

Childbirth should be a beautiful and life-changing experience for parents. Unfortunately, birth defects can change this experience. Children born with birth defects will require additional care. In the case of a cleft lip or cleft palate, surgery is necessary within only a few weeks after the child is born. But this surgery is routine and simple, and parents should not let this small wrench ruin the joy of a new baby. As difficult as it may seem, it is important to transfer the emotion of fear into motivation to seek immediate help. Birth Defects Happen and Help is Waiting New parents may be overwhelmed with the birth of a child who is … [Read more...]

Child Accidents Raise Concern Over Automobile Safety

According to a global study performed by the World Health Organization and Unicef, it has been found that around the globe, accidents kill 830,000 children each year.  Over all, although 95 percent of all injuries to children occur in poor and middle-income countries, injuries account for 40 percent of all child deaths in rich ones – Including the United States. Dr. Étienne Krug, director of injuries and violence prevention at the World Health Organization, believes this is because wealthier nations tend to not have much better child health care, but do not attempt to remedy the causes of childhood accidents.  In a recent article in the New … [Read more...]