Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Lancaster Hospital for Patient Suicide

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Lancaster General Hospital
The Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, PA is named in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of 70 year old Fillipo Raia, who, last summer, leapt to his death out of an eighth story window at the facility on Duke Street where he was being treated for mental health problems.

Raia had a history of seizures and anxiety and, upon admittance to the hospital last July, was confused, agitated, and appeared to have an “altered mental status.”According to nurses, two days after his admittance, Raia threatened to jump out of the window. Nurses also noted that he was suffering from hallucinations and paranoia, and thought the hospital staff was trying to kill him. He was given medicine throughout his stay to keep him calm and sedated.

Raia’s two psychiatrists, Dr. Kathleen Dougherty and Dr. Leo Dorozynski, are being named in the suit. It seems that their assesments of Raia differ greatly from those of the nurses who cared for him on a daily basis. On the same day that a nurse documented Raia to be “agitated and uncooperative,” Dr. Dougherty noted that he was “somewhat anxious” but “logical.” Two days before Raia’s death, Dr. Dorozynski wrote that he was “calm, pleasant but confused.” Two hours later, a nurse noted that he was “very confused,” “agitated,” and “psychotic.” Raia’s medical doctor suggested a transfer to the psych unit of the hospital, and Dougherty stated that she “…[did] not see indication for psychiatric admission.”

Andrew Youman, an attorney with Kline and Specter, the Philadelphia Firm handling the case, stated that “Throughout the stay, he was clearly demonstrating that he was not able to keep himself or others safe because of his mental status.” The lawsuit names not only the hospital and the two psychiatrists, but Behavioral Health Specialists, Lancaster General Medical Group, Lancaster General Behavioral Health System, Lancaster General Health and Lancaster General Health Foundation as well.

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