Medical Malpractice Attorneys and Judge Fight Caps on Damages

Circuit Judge, Ronald Wilson, joined the West Virginia Supreme Court on a temporary basis to hear a challenge to the state’s law which capped non economic medical malpractice damages. Medical malpractice attorneys say that Wilson, although his position was not a majority among the court, acted as a strong advocate for victims of medical negligence who may seek damages. Some argue that non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, are frivolous and should not exceed a certain amount for victims and their families. Wilson combated this argument by saying, “spend a day in their shoes if you think mental pain and loss of enjoyment are frivolous damages.”

Why Should Healthcare Providers Who Negligently Hurt Someone be Protected

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys ronald wilson West Virginia Supreme CourtWilson strongly argued that these medical malpractice caps are blatantly favoring a special class of society over the general public. This special class includes medical professionals, corporations, insurance companies, and special interests groups. Malpractice victims may suffer many non-economic damages that will no longer be fully compensated for in states such as West Virginia. Someone who is permanently disfigured, maimed, or handicapped will certainty be owed compensation that exceeds mere medical expenses and future costs. An avid golfer or swimmer who can no longer enjoy these activities, a young child who will never walk or talk, or a woman who can never bear a child are only some of the instances where non-economic damages that exceed a cap may be necessary. Medical malpractice attorneys also have fears that were pointed out by Judge Wilson. He stated,

an unknown number of medical negligence victims can no longer use the court system because of the cap and the fact that lawyers are no longer willing to risk huge litigation expenses for a low net return for their clients and themselves.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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