Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers: Estate Awarded $5.2 Million

Nursing home neglect lawyers convinced an Arkansas court to award the estate of Martha Bull $5.2 million in damages for pain, suffering and mental anguish. Bull died at the Greenbrier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on April 7, 2008 at the age of 76 after the home was negligent in her treatment by failing to act on a doctor’s orders to transfer her to a hospital. Woman Dies after Cries of Pain are Ignored Bull was admitted to the facility on March 28, 2008 for 30 days of rehabilitation after suffering a stroke. On the night of April 6, she began suffering from severe abdominal pain, sweating, and inability to make a bowel movement. … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Win $2.5 Million

A jury awarded Amy Garcia, 29, and her medical malpractice lawyers $2.5 million in her lawsuit against St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 2007, Garcia suffered a miscarriage and lost her 14-week fetus. Dr. Norman Gove, an obstetrician and gynecologist, told Garcia she needed a dilation and curettage procedure. He told her it was a routine procedure and she would “be home by lunch.” “I was assured by the doctor that the procedure would be quick and that I would be out quickly,” said Garcia. Unsupervised Resident’s Mistake Causes Permanent Damage Unknown to Garcia, a resident physician performed the procedure and dilated … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Argue Many Cases in NYC

The country’s largest metropolitan area, New York City, was home to an enormous amount of medical malpractice lawsuits stemming from the actions of healthcare providers at public hospitals. Medical malpractice attorneys point out that much of the money paid out in damages came directly from taxpayers. Due to the negligence and malpractice of healthcare providers, 246 cases were completed in 2011 and the damage amounts are startling. The total number of payouts in New York City was up 5% to $135 million, $7 million more than the 2010 totals. Two Shocking Cases from 2011 First, Damian Saul, 43, suffered a massive stroke while he waited for … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Girl Reaches Settlement with Hospital

The long and troubled journey of Malyia Jeffers now has found closure following a settlement between her family and Methodist Hospital, in California. The Sacramento girl was forced to wait five hours in an emergency room for medical attention regarding an infection. The girl was running a fever and was weakened due to a strep infection. Medical malpractice attorneys believe that due to the long wait she endured at Methodist Hospital, she lost her feet, her left hand, and part of her right hand. Once she finally did receive medical assistance, she was immediately flown to Stanford University where she was diagnosed with septic shock. Damage … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Negligent Prescription of Contraceptive

Michelle Parmeter, of Ogdensburg New York, filed a medical negligence lawsuit in the NY Supreme Court against a hospital, a doctor, and a physician’s assistant. Parmeter’s medical malpractice attorneys filed the action claiming that the assistant and doctor negligently prescribed the woman an oral contraceptive. The defendants are Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, Mr. Scott D. Beeles (physician’s assistant), and Dr. William Baerthlein. Parmeter was a patient throughout 2009 and now seeks compensation for her injuries. Woman Loses Part of Her Arm According to the woman’s medical malpractice attorneys, Beeles failed to recognize that she … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Jackson Litigation Just Beginning

Michael Jackson’s former doctor, Conrad Murray, was found guilty in a criminal courtroom for the death of the former pop icon. However, the litigation surrounding the death of Michael Jackson’s death is just now getting underway. Medical malpractice attorneys will now fight in civil courtrooms for money damages caused by the negligence of the doctor. The guilty verdict set down by a Los Angeles jury has not settled any of the potential civil liability that could still face Murray. Joe Jackson, and the Jackson family, will now seek another verdict before a new host of jurors. Civil Lawsuit for Jackson’s Wrongful Death Brian Oxman is the … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Discuss the Force of Lawsuits

Professional malpractice typically refers to negligence by a professional and it has been applied to many professions such as engineers, art experts, social workers, and pilots. However, it’s most common application is with healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. A lawsuit involving a single patient and a single healthcare provider may have a narrow impact on society, meaning it may only have consequential value to the parties involved. The litigation process will determine how an injured patient will be compensated but medical malpractice attorneys have also found that the outcome of a lawsuit may mold how the … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Find Justice after 7 Years

Medical malpractice attorneys fought for the plaintiffs, Melinda Schultz and the family of William Bribriesco, in an attempt to earn them much deserved compensation. Finally, in 2011, the State Appeals Board approved settlements in both cases which resolved the open lawsuits which date back to 2007. As part of the settlements, the hospital and those employed at the time denied any wrongdoing. Two Plaintiffs Find Justice In the first approved settlement, the State Appeals Board approved a settlement in the case of Melinda Schultz for a figure around $300,000. In that case, the plaintiff alleged that her anesthesiologist negligently … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Tennessee Moves to Damages Cap

Insurers in the state of Tennessee who cover healthcare providers will not be paying out less money in medical malpractice suits. Tennessee passed new laws earlier this month which put into place caps and limitations on malpractice awards and also stated that insurers will not longer be liable under the consumer protection laws. Medical malpractice attorneys will now be faced with the uphill battle of fighting for the proper compensation for clients within the limited amounts allowed by law. Non-Economic, Punitive, and Catastrophic Damages All Capped Governor Bill Haslam made no secrets about his agenda to considerably limit the civil … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Continue Discussion About Tort Reform

Patients and doctors have a special relationship and there is a certain element of trust. Patients trust their doctors to perform the proper tests and procedures in order to provide adequate and reasonable healthcare. Many people believe that tort reform is necessary to lower the potential healthcare costs, but medical malpractice attorneys fear that reducing the amount of compensation due to plaintiffs in some cases may be putting too much trust in these doctors. Sure, healthcare costs are exceedingly high in this country. However, by reducing medical malpractice awards through a cap system, people may be forgetting that there is a human … [Read more...]