Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Girl Reaches Settlement with Hospital

The long and troubled journey of Malyia Jeffers now has found closure following a settlement between her family and Methodist Hospital, in California. The Sacramento girl was forced to wait five hours in an emergency room for medical attention regarding an infection. The girl was running a fever and was weakened due to a strep infection. Medical malpractice attorneys believe that due to the long wait she endured at Methodist Hospital, she lost her feet, her left hand, and part of her right hand. Once she finally did receive medical assistance, she was immediately flown to Stanford University where she was diagnosed with septic shock.

Damage Award Necessary for Child to Survive

medical malpractice attorneys in nj and pa Jeffers’ family agreed to a settlement with Methodist Hospital and emergency room workers in the amount of $10 million. Medical malpractice attorneys believe that $9 million will come from the hospital while the remainder will be paid by Emergency Physicians Medical Group of Sacramento, resulting in one of the largest awards in California history. Some of the money will go towards current expenses and the remainder will be given to young Malyia, beginning in 2026 on her 18th birthday, at $16,000 per month. Although California has a damage cap in place at a quarter of a million dollars, this only limits damages related to “pain and suffering”. Medical malpractice attorneys believe that this settlement was properly designed to avoid the cap and attribute the amounts of money to different types of damages. Hopefully, this amount of money will help the young girl adapt to her new life after this devastating case of malpractice and will allow her to lead a normal life.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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Help Yourself Avoid Medical Malpractice Caused by ER Wait Times recently published an article on the Jeffers family and the medical malpractice that occurred during their visit to Methodist Hospital emergency room in Sacramento, California.

Malyia Jeffers Waited Too Long

The article tells the story of 2 year old Malayia Jeffers. When her fever spiked to 101 degrees and her parents noticed a bruise like spot on her cheek, Leah and Ryan Jeffers decided to take their daughter to the emergency room. A triage nurse working the ER looked at the Jeffers’ daughter and said she probably had a virus and a rash.

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys malyia jeffersMalyia’s condition persistently worsened during the near 5 hours that she and her parents waited to be seen by a doctor. Finally, Ryan Jeffers bypassed the nurses station and pushed through the doors behind them. He approached a different nurse and asked her
Does this look like a rash?” She responded with “no” and gave the Jeffers a room immediately.

Malyia was eventually diagnosed with Group A Strep, otherwise known as the flesh-eating bacteria. She was transferred to an area hospital that specialized in pediatric care. Unfortunately, it had been too long, and in order to save her life, doctors had to amputate her left hand, a few fingers on her right hand, and both legs below the knee.

Emergency Room Wait Times a Serious Problem

A study performed in 2009 by the Government Accountability Office found that ER wait times are often more than double the medically recommended time. Press Ganey Associates research tells that in 2009, patients waited an average of six hours in the emergency room. Over 400,000 patients waited 24 hours or more. These wait times can prove permanently detrimental, and in some unfortunate cases, even fatal.

Tips to Avoid ER Wait Times

The CNN article also offered a few tips for readers to avoid long and potentially dangerous waits in the emergency room.

#1: Check for wait time posts. Many hospitals are beginning to post ER wait times on their website. You should check all of your area hospitals to inform yourself of the potential wait.

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys ER wait times#2: Avoid High Traffic Periods. It seems that because patients try to avoid spending their whole weekend in the ER, Monday is the busiest emergency room day. If you start noticing symptoms on Saturday, don’t wait until Monday to see a doctor. The delay could end up causing much harm.

#3: Alert your primary care physician that you are going to the ER. Getting an opinion from your PCP that you then offer to the ER nurses could help and possibly expedite your care.

#4: Once you’ve arrived, don’t leave. If you thought you were sick enough to visit the ER, then you are sick enough to wait to be seen. You should be persistent. Not rude, but persistent.

#5: Alert ER personnel of any changes. If you notice changes in your condition, make sure to tell someone. That change might be the reason you require immediate attention.

#6: Ask for the Charge Nurse. If you believe your condition has worsened and the situation has become urgent, seek out the charge nurse or supervisor, and alert him/her that you believe your medical condition requires immediate evaluation.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in NJ and PA

Medical malpractice occurs day in and day out in doctor’s offices and hospitals around the world. Many times it has nothing to do with a doctor’s abilities, but with the poor programs and policies their instutions have in place. It is important to take a firm role in your own medical care.

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