Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Oppose the Use of Chemical Restraints to Care for Dementia Patients

AThe use of chemical restraints is, unfortunately, nothing new. Nursing home abuse lawyers have long known that medication is often used to sedate and restrain residents. ABC News online recently published an article on the detrimental effects of a certain prescription often given to Dementia patients in nursing homes. Most of the time, these prescriptions are dispersed not only to sedate patients so they become more "manageable," but also to help the nursing home make money from the Medicaid reimbursements they receive for ordering the medication. Medication Causes Increased Death Risk in Dementia Patients study of over 75,000 … [Read more...]

Lawyers Promote Skincare As Bedsore Prevention

Studies show that bed sore prevention is easier than bed sore treatment. Therefore, as New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania attorneys specializing in nursing home abuse and neglect cases, of which bed sores are a clear sign, it is important to remind everyone of important tips to prevent them. We have previously discussed the importance of repositioning. Today we are going to focus on another important area that nursing homes must be aware of to help prevent bed sores and/or pressure ulcers from forming. Nursing homes must make sure that they take special care of patients' skin. Skincare Supremely Important to Bedsore … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Urge Vigilance of Nursing Home Care

On Tuesday February 22nd, 78 year old William Spears took himself and his walker for a stroll around 11:00 pm. He left through the front doors of the Emeritus Senior Living Facility in Mount Prospect, Illinois, and no one said or did a thing. Shortly after, Spears was struck by an SUV traveling east down Euclid Avenue. He was rushed to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, where, thanks to nursing home abuse by neglect, he was pronounced dead at 11:27pm. Before he was a struck, a Ford Escape traveling west down Euclid Avenue saw him walking and stopped. The driver and the passengers got out of the car and tried to offer Spears help, which … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Exposé: Eastern Pines Convalescent Center

It is important for us, as nursing home abuse lawyers for New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, to review care facilities in the area for signs of nursing home abuse or neglect. We have recently been posting on some of the facilities with a high number of cited deficiencies. Today we will discuss the Eastern Pines Convalescent Center. Eastern Pines Convalescent Center Puts Residents in Danger This nursing home is a 141 long term care bed facility located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Between November, 2008 and October, 2010, it was routinely inspected twice. These inspections are performed by the Division of Health Care … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Exposé: South Jersey Health Care Center

As New Jersey and Philadelphia attorneys with a focus on nursing home abuse, we are always concerned with the well being of nursing home patients housed in long term care facilities in New Jersey. We have recently been reviewing reports published by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services regarding the evaluation and licensing of nursing homes and other types of long term care facilities. It is a major concern of ours when we find reports that indicate various violations that are indicative of nursing home abuse. South Jersey Health Care Center receives Unsatisfactory Ratings Today we are reporting about the South … [Read more...]

Clear Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

As nursing home abuse lawyers, we have previously posted educational tips about the prevention and treatment of bed sores. Today we wanted to inform readers of some additional forms of nursing home abuse that often occur. Just as with bed sore prevention, there are signs that can be observed that indicate nursing home abuse. Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes One type of nursing home abuse that has outward signs is physical abuse. Physical abuse is occuring if bodily injury or pain results from the excessive application of physical force. The abuse can be, but is not limited to: hitting, pushing, shoving, pinching, burning, or even … [Read more...]

Bedsores Prevention: Proper Use of Multivitamins and Minerals

Preventing bedsores in nursing home patients can be done by following some simple tips. As New Jersey and Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers, we have been posting these tips in attempt to educate and prevent pressure ulcers and bedsores in nursing home patients. Our last post dealt with the importance of hydration of nursing home patients in order to prevent pressure ulcers and bedsores. Today’s tip is the importance of multivitamins and minerals in the prevention of bedsores and pressure ulcers in patients. Tip # 8 for Preventing Bedsores or Pressure Ulcers in Nursing Home Patients The 8th tip nursing home abuse lawyers offer … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Leads to Unstageable Bedsores

In our recent nursing home abuse post, we provided details regarding various forms of pressure ulcers and bedsores. These posts have provided information from a New Jersey and Philadelphia nursing home lawyer regarding Stage I, Stage II, Stage III and Stage IV pressure ulcers and bedsores. These four stages are the common types of nursing home abuse pressure ulcers and bedsores we encounter with our clients. However, some pressure ulcers cannot be categorized in the pressure ulcer or bedsore staging system above. These pressure ulcers or bedsores are called "unstageable". Sadly, as a New Jersey and Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawfirm, … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse – Stage III Bedsores

This post is the third in a series of posts dealing with the most common form of nursing home abuse – the development of pressure ulcers and bedsores. In our previous two posts, we discussed the nursing home abuse that can lead to a Stage I bedsore followed by a Stage II bedsore. Hopefully, that nursing home abuse information was helpful to any person or family who has had a loved one suffer from a pressure ulcer or a bedsore caused by nursing home neglect. Sadly, Stage I and Stage II ulcers are not the most common types of nursing home abuse cases we handle as a New Jersey and Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawfirm. We typically deal … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse: Stage II Bedsores

As a New Jersey and Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawfirm, we think it is important to advocate for people and families who have suffered from horrible bedsores and pressure ulcers caused by nursing home abuse. In a previous post, we reviewed the bedsore and pressure ulcer classification scale which has been established by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP). We also reviewed for you the first stage in the evolution of a pressure ulcer – stage I. In this post, we will cover the secondary evolution of a pressure ulcer or a bedsore - stage II. Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Protect Bedsore Victims Hopefully, a Stage I bedsore can … [Read more...]