Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Illinois Doctor Info to Go Public

In January of this year, the Mininno Law Office Blog posted about an act in Illinois government, passed by the House of Representatives and awaiting Senate approval, that would make available background information on medical providers throughout the state. On August 10th, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law the Patients' Right to Know Act. This law will allow patients full access to the history of doctors and specialists, providing knowledge of medical malpractice lawsuits and/or payouts that the doctor has been involved in. More informed decisions can be made, and it can also be argued that the availablity of this information will … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect Causes Fatal Accident with Oxygen Tube

As the elderly population grows, so too do the occurrences of nursing home neglect. Unfortunately, government budget cuts are on the rise as well. This causes nursing home staff to be spread too thin and because of this, mistakes are often made. Unfortunately, small oversights can lead to serious injury or even death. Nursing homes and long term care facilities need to be more aware of small changes to procedures that can save their residents' lives. Elderly Man Dies After Oxygen Tube gets Wrapped Around His Neck An 82-year-old man from Illinois died this month at Heartland Healthcare nursing home. According to the police report, Irvin … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse at Chicago Facility: Alden Village North

A month ago, the Chicago Tribune online published a story about Alden Village North nursing home, a long term care facility meant to house disabled children, adults, and senior citizens. The story revolved around 5 additional deaths that an investigation into the home was able to attribute to poor care and nursing home abuse. Investigators Seek to Close Negligent Nursing Home The federally backed watchdog that performed the investigations, Equip for Equality, found the care provisions at Alden Village North deplorable. Illnesses were never treated properly, lab tests and results went ignored, doctors failed to return pages of medical … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Urge Vigilance of Nursing Home Care

On Tuesday February 22nd, 78 year old William Spears took himself and his walker for a stroll around 11:00 pm. He left through the front doors of the Emeritus Senior Living Facility in Mount Prospect, Illinois, and no one said or did a thing. Shortly after, Spears was struck by an SUV traveling east down Euclid Avenue. He was rushed to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, where, thanks to nursing home abuse by neglect, he was pronounced dead at 11:27pm. Before he was a struck, a Ford Escape traveling west down Euclid Avenue saw him walking and stopped. The driver and the passengers got out of the car and tried to offer Spears help, which … [Read more...]

Illinois Takes Big Step to Prevent Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice attorneys are happy to hear about new steps being taken in Illinois to help prevent medical malpractice. The Patients' Right to Know Act was just passed by the Illinois House of Representatives and is currently awaiting Senate approval. The act, which would be a wonderful addition to all state legislation, would make available medical practitioner histories to past, current, and possible future patients. The histories would include firings, criminal convictions, and medical malpractice Medical Malpractice and Doctor Profiles Many argue that making this information available is unfair to medical providers, but in … [Read more...]

New Illinois Legislation Promises Better Nursing Home Care

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn recently signed a bill that aims to greatly improve the quality of care being provided to the state's elderly citizens in nursing homes and long term care facilities. Supporters have high hopes that new regulations upheld by the bill will work to eradicate the disturbing trends of nursing home abuse, neglect, and violence currently plaguing the long term care industry. Expected changes include: New ratio of 1 inspector per every 500 beds Increased criminal background checks and psychological testing of nursing home patients Alternative housing arrangements for patients who are physically capable, but … [Read more...]