Birth Defects Attorneys: Study Links Topiramate to Oral Birth Defects

While pregnant, women need to be especially careful about what foods and medications that they put into their bodies. Early in the first trimester, while many women are not even aware that they are pregnant, the baby is at a heightened risk for birth defects due to medications being ingested by their mother. Our birth defects attorneys have been writing for months about the drug Topamax and its connection to cleft lip and palate birth defects. Mothers Taking Active Ingredient in Topamax Three Times More Likely to have Children with Birth Defects A recent study called Comparative Safety of Topiramate During Pregnancy, performed by … [Read more...]

Birth Defects and Corrective Surgery

Cleft lip surgery is a serious procedure that requires extensive planning on not only the surgeon’s part, but also the family of the newborn with a birth defect. After thorough consultations and examinations, your physician may choose to perform a cleft lip surgery. If so, your doctor will discuss the risks and benefits along with steps to be taken before the surgery. Birth defects are troubling for both the family and the child and the risk of oral malformations is increased with the use of Topamax during pregnancy. The Surgical Process Diagnostic screenings will be needed in order to avoid reactions from the medications that will be … [Read more...]

Birth Defects May Lead to Significant Psychosocial Problems

When dealing with the extensive symptoms of migraine headaches, people are often in search of an effective remedy to quickly relieve pain. Topamax has served as this type of solution for many people and data has shown it has worked extremely well. Although Topamax is among the industry leaders of migraine and epilepsy medications, pregnant women should steer clear. Topamax use during pregnancy could lead to birth defects, such as cleft lip and cleft palate. Beyond this obvious physical oral malformation, children with birth defects may experience social issues for years to come. Social Issues are more likely with Birth … [Read more...]