Birth Defects and Corrective Surgery

Cleft lip surgery is a serious procedure that requires extensive planning on not only the surgeon’s part, but also the family of the newborn with a birth defect. After thorough consultations and examinations, your physician may choose to perform a cleft lip surgery. If so, your doctor will discuss the risks and benefits along with steps to be taken before the surgery. Birth defects are troubling for both the family and the child and the risk of oral malformations is increased with the use of Topamax during pregnancy. The Surgical Process Diagnostic screenings will be needed in order to avoid reactions from the medications that will be … [Read more...]

Bayer Warned by FDA for YAZ Testing Problems

The birth control Yasmin or Yaz has caused much controversy and concerns since it was first brought on the market back in March. Many people are concerned about the serious side effects of the pill and how Bayer seemed to have made these side effects not seem as serious as they are. Another thing that Bayer was warned about by the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA that they did not think was a serious problem was the testing of the quality of the pills. It measured the quality of its ingredients based on an average of several samples instead of reporting the individual test results of each sample like they should. Bayer then continued … [Read more...]