Medical Malpractice Infringes Upon Patient Rights

As humans, we are all endowed with "certain unalienable rights," as stated in our Nation's Decleration of Independence. As patients, we are also endowed with patient rights. Infringement upon these rights often takes place in the form of medical malpractice. As patients, we must play an active role in our medical care, and do all within our scope of power to prevent medical malpractice from occurring. Medical Malpractice Lawyers Uphold Patient Rights The Joint Commission, an entity that provides accredation and certification for health care programs and organizations in the United States, distributes a pamphlet outlining patient rights. … [Read more...]

Tort Reform is Hurting More Than Helping

As the health care debate continues, so does tort reform. While some efforts have been made to help protect patients and their rights, there is still tort reform that is trying to cut costs and because of this there are still many people that are unable to get proper medical care and unable to fight for their rights to it. If tort reform continues the way it has, it is hurting more people than it is or will help.  Cutting costs and providing coverage for everyone is a great idea, but it is only great if it actually helps people to get the care they need and to have the services they need to fight for proper medical care if it is not given.  … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Training Tips to Prevent Abuse

Every day millions of nursing home patients face abuse because many nursing home put profits over patients.  As a result, many nursing homes are understaffed and have overworked, underpaid and unqualified employees. In particular, many nursing home employees are not trained to properly care for and treat bed sores due to incontinence, poor nutrition, and immobility. Many goverment agencies and organizations, including the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, have studied and evaluated ways to better train employees at nursing homes and other assisted living facilities to help prevent bed sores and pressure ulcer, as well as many other … [Read more...]