Defective products are dangerous products, potentially causing injury or death

Have you heard about a defective product? Something dangerous that injures and harms an innocent consumer or child? Chances are that the defective product was not made in the USA, but by a manufacturer outside of our borders and our legal rules. Research performed by the American Association for Justice last year has shown that 83% of defective product recalls announced in 2009 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or the CPSC, were from foreign manufacturers. These foreign made products are ones that are unsafe, dangerous, or pose a safety hazard to the users or others. Let’s look at the data and numbers to see if we can make some … [Read more...]

Buyer beware: Toy safety for kids not first on jewelry makers’ minds

As we watch our children at play, our main concern is always safety. Some might think that if a toy store sells a product, it must be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When manufacturers can sacrifice toy safety for kids to save a buck or two, some are willing to do it. A recent article by the Associated Press reminds us that some people lie to parents and deceive children just to pad their bank accounts. In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover. What do I need to know about toy safety for kids? In Yiwu, China, a jewelry shop manager said something to the AP that might surprise you. He Huihua, manager of the … [Read more...]

Paula Deen’s Cookware sold on QVC may be great looking on TV but is it safe to use?

Many people know about Paula Deen’s cooking show and also the channel on TV QVC which sells various products to consumers. This person and this channel are very popular and well known by many people, so it may come as a shock that on October 2, 2009, Paula Deen’s Cast Iron Cookware was recalled by the U.S. Product Safety Commission due to possible burn and laceration hazards. This cookware can crack or shatter causing consumers to get burns or lacerations while using the cookware. QVC and Meyer Trading have reported 79 reports of the cookware shattering or cracking while being heated. This includes one consumer who reported a minor burn … [Read more...]

Toyota Owners: Check your Floor Mats. It Could Save Your Life

Many of you might be wondering why checking your floor mats could save your life. After all the idea of a floor mat being dangerous seems a bit silly at first. That however, was not the case for a family driving on a California highway with a stuck accelerator and no brakes. This is what happened to passengers in San Diego in August and has now promoted Toyota to recall 3.8 million vehicles the biggest U.S. recall due to floor mat hazard. Apparently the removable floor mats found in many Toyota vehicles have the potential to cause accelerators to get stuck, leading to crashes. Toyota is working with the National Highway Safety Administration … [Read more...]

Is that Bed your Child is sleeping in Safe Enough?

Products get recalled everyday due to broken or breaking pieces, but we trust the products that we buy to keep us safe and to protect us. As parents we also expect the bed we tuck our kids into to be safe and to protect them. The sad truth is that may not always be the case. On Wednesday September 23, 2009, the U.S. Product Safety Commission recalled Bunk Beds due to collapse and fall hazards.  They are wooden bunk beds and about 20,000 of them are being recalled due to these hazards.  The bunk bed mattress support slats can break possibly causing the bed to collapse and the consumer to fall. Big Lots Inc received fourteen reports of the … [Read more...]

No Such thing as a "nice bike ride in the park," with Dangerous Bike Chain

On Tuesday September 8th 2009, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and SRAM of Chicago, IL recalled defective bicycle chains and chain connectors because they can crack while in use and cause a fall hazard to the rider of the defective bicycle. One incident has been reported in the U.S. and three incidents outside of the U.S. with these Powerlock connector links, but no injuries have been reported. The recall is specifically on defective SRAM PowerLock connector links on 10 speed bicycle chains sold individually and on some bicycles as part of the original equipment. If you may have one of these defective chains, play it safe and … [Read more...]


A new study by the Massachusetts Department of Health suggests that firefighters face higher risks of several types of cancer including colon, brain, bladder and kidney cancers, as well as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This may be caused by exposure to potentially cancer-causing chemicals released by burning materials, which can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin. These same hazardous materials can occur in defective products.   Health hazards also lie at the firehouse where idling trucks expose firefighters to diesel exaust.  Click here for the full story. Free Legal Advice: Medical Malpractice … [Read more...]


Today, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for defective Dune Buggies manufactured by TJ Powers Sports, LLC of Irving, Texas. Consumers were warned to immediately stop using the product until further notice. The defect involves a seatbelt adjustment which may break during impact or stress and poses an injection injury and hazard to both drivers and passengers.  Already, 1 consumer has suffered nerve damage to his right arm as a result of the defect. The product involved is a Dune Buggy by the trade name “Twister Hammerhead” with model number UM150IIR and model year 2004.  This product was manufactured in China and … [Read more...]

More Defective Products From China Being Recalled

On St. Patricks'day, 2008, Mega Brands Inc. recalled about 2.4 million Chinese-made defective product/toys, because small magnets could fall out and cause personal injury such as internal damage. A week later, the same defective product manufacturer recalled 1 million Magtastik and Magnetix Jr. preschool toys. These toys also contained magnets in the small flexible parts of the animals, vehicles and building sets can detach. Since magnets attract, if more than one magnet is swallowed, the magnets can attach to one another and cause personal injury such as additional intestinal perforations or blockages, which can be fatal. The Consumer … [Read more...]