BP Caps Well and Liability Concerns Ensue

Three months after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig caused the most disastrous oil-spill in U.S. history, BP is monitoring the integrity of a cap that was placed atop their undersea well last Thursday, July 15th. The current success of the cap to stop the flow of oil marks the first time since April 20th that the gushing of crude oil from the well has been haulted. Three months worth of oil gushing from the well into the gulf of Mexico, estimated to amount to hundreds of millions of gallons, has certainly taken a toll on the marine life, the coast, and the businesses in the area, not to mention the injury and death incurred by the … [Read more...]

NUVARING Named in Product Liability and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

NUVARING is a transparent, flexible, vaginal ring that provides month long birth control by emitting a continuous dose of estrogen and progestin for 21 days. The device releases a combination of ethinyl estradiol, a form of the hormone estrogen, and etonogestral. These substances are supposed to prevent ovulation as well as minimize any sperm penetration, thereby preventing unwanted pregnancies. It gained FDA approval in 2001. NUVARING is marketed as providing the same efficacy as birth control pills but with the convenience of month-long protection. To a woman who wants the benefits of birth control but not the trouble of remembering … [Read more...]

BP Cuts Corners and Defective Well Causes Blast

Defective products are dangerous and potentially life threatening products that have either been designed, manufactured, or tested poorly or inadequately. Many deaths have resulted from defective products; products like cribs, toys, cars, and even clothing. Manufacturers of defective products that cause injury or death must be held accountable, which is why BP finds themselves in even hotter water. It's been reported that BP's negligence and desire to save money at the expense of thoroughness and safety directly resulted in the explosion on the Transocean rig "Deepwater Horizon," which killed 11 workers and caused the biggest oil spill in … [Read more...]

Taishan Gypsum Finally Responds to Defective Product Lawsuit

In April, we posted an update of the litigation surrounding the Chinese company Taishan Gypsum, and the defective drywall they manufactured and exported the the United States. Judge Eldon Fallon awarded seven families in the Eastern district of Louisiana 2.6 million dollars for the damages caused them by the sulfuric acid emitting drywall. But because Taishan Gypsum is a foreign manufacturer, and there are currently no laws in place that hold them liable for their defective products, there was question as to whether or not these families would ever see a penny of the money owed them. Defective Manufacturers Finally React After not … [Read more...]

BP and Transocean Could Escape Sufficient Liabilty

Gordon Jones, a 28 year old engineer, was killed in the blast on the Transocean rig, Deepwater Horizon, that caused the horrendous BP oil-spill . Jones left behind a widow, a toddler, and an infant. Who Will Pay for Deadly Defects? Unfortunately, laws that are currently in place could prove very detrimental to recovery attempts made by Jones' family, as well as other injured victims on the rig. The Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA), one of the reasons payouts may be insufficient, was ammended in 2000 to help victims of TWA flight 800, but those protections were not also applied to those killed on vessels like the Deepwater Horizon. … [Read more...]

Vehicle Safety: New Legislation May Make Cars Safer

In light of the recent Toyota automobile recalls, a new legislation proposal released Thursday by The Energy and Commerce Committee is focusing on auto safety. Committee chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif) released the draft, which could ultimately form the basis of legislation that will strengthen vehicle safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The New Jersey and Philadelphia trial lawyer strongly support this legislation. Fortunately, Lawmakers vowed to address auto safety after Toyota recalled over 8 million vehicles for varying reasons, including accelerating, braking, and power steering. What Changes Will be … [Read more...]

Trial Lawyers have Made for Safer Vehicles

Recently, so called Tort Reform has been a major topic of discussion. Tort Reform has a very large following of pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, HMO’s, and defective food and beverage companies. These billion dollar corporations spend their profits on lobbyist and marketing campaigns in order to convince us all that most lawsuits brought to court are “frivolous,” and that payouts are “outlandish.” This so called Tort Reform aims to restrict lawful recoveries for victims of things like medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, or defective product injuries. It also aims to make it harder to hold accountable companies that cause … [Read more...]

Taishan Gypsum Victims awarded $2.6 Million – Money They May Never See

Previously, we posted a blog about foreign manufacturers who manufacture defective products without consequence; specifically, Chinese drywall manufacturer Taishan Gypsum. The company has exported an estimated 10 million pounds of drywall to the United States through ports in Florida and New York. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 3,000 complaints have been filed against the company, involving complications and property damage caused by the drywall. Tests have shown that the damage was caused by sulfur emissions from the gypsum board. “These emissions have caused significant amounts of property damage to homes … [Read more...]

CPSC: Defective Products Recalled This March

Below is a list of defective products that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled this March. Each product in the list is linked to its detail page on the CPSC website. There you can find model numbers, hazards, and injury reports. Keep your families safe! Discontinue use of these defective products immediately. Contact the manufacturer to claim a refund, or to receive your improved replacement. Children’s Product Recalls Graco Harmony High Chair Evenflo Top-of-Stair-Plus Wooden Baby Gates Infantino Slingrider Baby Slings **CPSC additional warning regarding baby sling carriers Peachtree Playthings – Scooby-Doo, … [Read more...]

Defective Product information is a necessity

Each day a defective product manufacturer quietly pays off another victim in a secret settlement that no one will ever learn about. These Court approved secrecy agreements hide vital information concerning public health and safety. How? Companies manufacturing defective products will only pay for the harms they cause if the victims agree to secrecy. Why do negligent product manufacturers insist on secrecy? Because makers of unsafe products such as medicines, airplanes, baby cribs, or car tires, realize that consumers would not buy these products if the products dangerous aspects were known to consumers. Below are just a few examples of the … [Read more...]