Jorge Rosado was awarded a $2.6 million verdict following a short trial. Rosado filed the lawsuit against Dr. Richard Perugini and UMASS Memorial Medical Group. Rosado was scheduled to have a laparoscopic hernia operation in the summer of 2004 when he was twenty one years old. Medical malpractice attorneys say that Mr. Rosado’s serious health issues began after a surgical tack ended up in his small bowel rather than the lining of his stomach during the initial surgery. This medical malpractice forced the young man to undergo eight additional operations over the span of five months, landing him in intensive care with a breathing tube.

Plaintiff is Compensated Following Traumatic Year

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in NJ & PAOver a span of five months of constant medical procedures, Rosado also underwent an ileostomy and suffered with an open abdominal wound. Medical malpractice attorneys , and later a jury, believed that Dr. Perugini should have closely monitored where he placed the tacks during surgery. This manner of careful monitoring would have ensured that the tacks were placed in the lining of the stomach as opposed to the wall of the small bowel. It is also believed that the tack could not have fallen into the wall of the small bowel, as the defense team argued, had it been properly secured during the procedure. Dr. Steven Cohen stated that he believes that Rosado’s “spiraling complications” would have been avoided with proper treatment and care. The medical malpractice attorneys who handled the case believe this verdict was a just result in part due to the life altering complications and the long and extensive recovery period. Rosado is now at risk of continuing bowel obstructions for the rest of his life, which could lead to the need for additional operations. In a 10-2 jury vote, the plaintiff was awarded $2 million for pain and suffering, over $586 thousand for his medical costs, and nearly $18 thousand for loss of earning capacity during the tumultuous months of operations and recovery.

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