Judge Rex Heeseman of the Los Angeles Superior Court has approved a settlement for $4.6 million. The approval concludes a lawsuit which was filed following a botched circumcision procedure. The young baby, only a week old at the time of his circumcision, had 85% of the top of his penis removed. Medical malpractice attorneys say that this is a great victory for the young child, now eight years old, and his mother, Melanie Hall, who decided to file the case. The defendants in the case were Miltex Inc. and its parent company, Integra Life Sciences Holding Corp. who manufactured the clamp that was used during the procedure.

Defective Product Leads to Medical Malpractice

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys circumcision Maternity Center vermontDr. Anthony Pickett, who was dismissed as a defendant, performed the circumcision on January 3, 2003 at Maternity Center of Vermont. The doctor was using a Militex Mogen clamp which removed eighty five percent of the top of the boy’s penis. The young boy’s medical malpractice attorneys said, “because of the defective design of the circumcision clamp, there was no protection for the head of the penis and Dr. Pickett was unable to visualize the head when excising the foreskin.” The lawyers working the case earned the plaintiffs $3.07 million in the settlement after fees and costs were deducted. Although the boy needs to regularly visit a physician and may need additional surgery in the future, they believe this is a great victory for the boy and a way to secure his financial future. Although medical malpractice statutes appeared as though they may limit the available recovery in this case, the lawyers were able to earn a just result for the young boy.

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