Five months following a federal appeals court ruling, which affirmed a lower court’s ruling, the United States government was forced to pay a $7.5 million award. The 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals in California affirmed the 2008 ruling which awarded Deborah Rutledge¬†and her husband, retired Master Sgt. Thomas Rutledge, damages due to the negligence of Air Force medical staff. Medical malpractice attorneys say that Deborah was left disabled after medical professionals failed to properly diagnose a herniated spinal disk, back in 2004.

Failures to Properly Examine and Provide Treatment Leave Woman Disabled

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys deborah rutledge air force staff misdiagnoseDeborah Rutledge was experiencing numbness in her groin, legs, and feet when she went in search of medical help at the Andersen Air Force Base clinic in Guam. A doctor’s assistant and a nurse met with Rutledge but failed to conduct proper medical examinations for the numbness the woman experienced. To compound the problem, the medical professionals did not report the case to their supervisors and instead misdiagnosed what Rutledge was suffering from. Lawyers say that the symptoms persisted, even after an emergency operation. Rutledge continues to suffer today from nerve damage.

One of the plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorneys stated, “[t]he Rutledge’s are relieved that this long drawn out process is finally over and that they ultimately received justice from the judicial process.” Robert Keogh continued, “[t]he District Court’s award was eminently fair under all the circumstances presented, and the Ninth Circuit affirmed the reasonableness of the award.

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