Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Negligent Prescription of Contraceptive

Michelle Parmeter, of Ogdensburg New York, filed a medical negligence lawsuit in the NY Supreme Court against a hospital, a doctor, and a physician’s assistant. Parmeter’s medical malpractice attorneys filed the action claiming that the assistant and doctor negligently prescribed the woman an oral contraceptive. The defendants are Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, Mr. Scott D. Beeles (physician’s assistant), and Dr. William Baerthlein. Parmeter was a patient throughout 2009 and now seeks compensation for her injuries.

Woman Loses Part of Her Arm

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According to the woman’s medical malpractice attorneys, Beeles failed to recognize that she was prone to potentially acquiring thrombosis prior to instructing her to take the oral contraceptive. Parmeter further charges that both men failed to provide proper care and consult with other physicians who may have had a better idea of the possible dangers surrounding the medication. Finally, medical malpractice attorneys also noticed that Parmeter was never informed that she should not use tobacco while on oral contraceptives. According to the lawsuit, these different instances of malpractice led to the loss of the woman’s arm. Now, she is seeking damages that will compensate her for lost wages and future medical expenses that she will incur. Medical malpractice attorneys believe that Dr. Baerthlein may also be held liable if he failed to acquaint himself with the medical literature and common practices regarding the oral contraceptive that was prescribed. Whenever a patient begins taking medication, it is essential that healthcare providers provide the patient with the necessary information to safely take the medicine. Doctors are required to recognize potential dangers, such as thrombosis (blood clot), in order to minimize risks. They then must relay this information to their patients.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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