new jersey philadelphia elder abuse attorneys nursing home neglect lawyers theft fraudTypically, nursing home abuse is thought to be of a physical nature. Residents are left unturned in their beds, growing bedsores; they are manhandled and dropped out of wheelchairs or lifts; or they are over medicated to remain sedated. But often times, elder abuse takes the form of theft or fraud.

In one such elder abuse case, a 36 year old social worker, working with several elderly patients, did great harm to the bank account of an 89 year old woman. In ten months, that social worker stole upwards of $25,000 dollars from the woman. After that “tap ran dry,” she took another $9,000 from a different patient she had been seeing. Authorities claim the money was used for personal purchases; clothing, groceries, and the like.

In other related elder abuse cases, the same social worker was fraudulently cashing checks she had written to herself from a patient’s checkbook. She was also using the victim’s debit card. What happened when the checks ran out? She lied to the bank to obtain more, and continued to write them to herself.

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The social worker is currently being prosecuted, but it truly is ashame that she was able to go on committing these crimes for so long. It is imperative that we keep our eyes open to this kind of elder abuse, or else offenders will not be punished, and care will never improve.
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