Elder Abuse Lawyers Warn of Financial Theft

Financial elder abuseis unfortunately on the rise, happening more and more often to our aging population as the demographic gains a reputation for being an easy target for scams and/or theft. Therefore, the elderly need to be more careful about their finances and who they trust in their homes. As elder abuse lawyers, we sadly hear horrible stories about trusting people who get taken for their entire life savings because of one mistake. Make sure to keep all of your financial documents and checks in a secure, preferably locked, location where strangers or even family or friends cannot locate. Be careful of home health aides and housekeepers. … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse Lawyers: Caretaker Steals from 100-Year-Old Grandmother

Caretakers have an incredibly hard job taking care of the elderly on a daily basis. Often, trusting a stranger feels too risky so someone close to the patient volunteers to take the role of caretaker. Even though most people want to believe that their loved ones wouldn’t take advantage of an elderly person’s vulnerable state, it happens every day. Elder abuse lawyers see situations consistently involving family members attempting to make some easy money from their elderly relative. No matter what the situation, this is still theft and elder abuse should never be tolerated. Granddaughter Gets Arrested for Exploiting and Stealing from Elderly … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse Lawyers Report: Hospice Nurse Charged with Stealing Drugs

Medication is another method that caretakers often use to control or abuse their elderly patients. Sometimes, medications are used to restrain patients and make them less difficult to deal with, but nurses and caretakers have also abused their power by taking prescribed medication for themselves. The elder abuse lawyers of the Mininno Law Office want to warn about this form of abuse because it is both a criminal act and neglect of the patients who need those medications. These caretakers are abusing their position for their own gain which can not be tolerated. Nurse Caught on Tape Taking Pain Killers and Anti-Depressants from Elderly … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse May Lead to Six Years in Jail for Caretaker

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are, among many other weaknesses they endure throughout the duration of their illness, easily manipulated. Caretakers to these very sick individuals are depended upon, not only by patients, but also by the families and friends of those patients. This dependence puts them in a position of great power, and as always, with power comes responsibility. Unfortunately, many of these caretakers use their position of power to take advantage of their patients. This kind of elder abuse is far too common. Our elders should be respected. Instead, some are being forced to live in inhumane conditions while their life … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse: Employee Arrested for Health Care Fraud

As nursing home abuse lawyers, we write about the many different forms of nursing home abuse in order to bring awareness to this serious issue. Most nursing home abuse cases are about abuse of power, whether that is through physical or mental terrorizing or stealing money from the patients or the facility. Facility Administrator Received Money for False Transport Claims Kelvin Washington, 47, who works as an administrator at a Sugar Land nursing home in Texas, was arrested on August 4, 2011 and is being charged with conspiracy, health care fraud and violations of the anti-kickback statute. He is being accused of creating a plan where he … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Occurs as Fraud and Theft

Not all forms of elder and nursing home abuse are physical. Financial elder abuse is becoming more of a problem in this country. Nursing home employees and caregivers are taking advantage of the elderly and sometimes even stealing large amounts of money from them or putting themselves in charge of their finances. Banks will often issue signature stamps to their elderly and disabled customers who are not able to physically go to the bank. Some caregivers are using these stamps to steal thousands of dollars from their elderly patients. Caregiver uses Signature Stamp to Steal from Elderly Woman Liz Sanders is a Southern California woman … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse Takes the Form of Fraud and Theft

Typically, nursing home abuse is thought to be of a physical nature. Residents are left unturned in their beds, growing bedsores; they are manhandled and dropped out of wheelchairs or lifts; or they are over medicated to remain sedated. But often times, elder abuse takes the form of theft or fraud. In one such elder abuse case, a 36 year old social worker, working with several elderly patients, did great harm to the bank account of an 89 year old woman. In ten months, that social worker stole upwards of $25,000 dollars from the woman. After that "tap ran dry," she took another $9,000 from a different patient she had been seeing. … [Read more...]

New Regulations May Help Avert Nursing Home Abuse

United Press International recently reported that six states will be receiving government funding for programs they are to develop that will require criminal background checks for any applicant to a nursing home or long term care facility within the state. National Background Check Program The money will be distributed under the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act, and the National Background Check Program will begin in Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Missouri, and Rhode Island. Eleven additional states may be added to the program as early as November of this year. The U.S. Government will spend 160 million dollars to … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse and the State Ombudsman

By definition, an ombudsman is a government official who hears and investigates complaints by private citizens against other officials or government agencies. In the state of NJ, an ombudsman works on behalf of the elderly in nursing homes and long term care facilities through the The Office of the Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly. This office accepts reports and complaints of nursing home abuse, negligence, inadequacy, theft, fraud, and other issues concerning the care residents receive in nursing homes and long term care facilities. The office invesitigates these reports of abuse and neglect from a neutral, third party … [Read more...]