Bayer Warned by FDA for YAZ Testing Problems

The birth control Yasmin or Yaz has caused much controversy and concerns since it was first brought on the market back in March. Many people are concerned about the serious side effects of the pill and how Bayer seemed to have made these side effects not seem as serious as they are. Another thing that Bayer was warned about by the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA that they did not think was a serious problem was the testing of the quality of the pills. It measured the quality of its ingredients based on an average of several samples instead of reporting the individual test results of each sample like they should. Bayer then continued to ship eight batches of pills tested using this unapproved method to the U.S. The drug patches were reviewed after the FDA’s warning to Bayer, but Bayer says the batches shipped between 2007-2009 were not affected by this unapproved testing method. Since this warning, the FDA now requires that Bayer provide a full list of the shipments to the U.S. that may have used this average testing method and to require Bayer to come up with a plan to prevent the problem from happening again.  Bayer has produced many important medications that many people use and depend on daily. Maybe this method has not caused any real problems, but when it comes to the medicines we give ourselves as well as those we love, double checking does not hurt. It seems like this time Bayer may have gotten overwhelmed by the money they were making that they overlooked some safety measures. Safety however always needs to and should come first each and every time.

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If you or a loved one has suffered possibility due to the side effects of Yaz or Yasmin, please contact a personal injury attorney right away. They will help get your case heard and help you get the care you need and deserve.

Yasmin: Are the Benefits worth the Serious Risks?

There have been many concerns and about the birth control pill Yasmin or Yaz.  Reports claim that it has many other benefits in addition to helping to prevent pregnancy.  Those benefits include claims that it helps with the symptoms of PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, helps with moderate acne and has been effective for Premenstrual Disorder or PMS, ovarian cysts, and ovarian cancer. What Yaz’s commercials and website apparently failed to disclose and understated were the serious potential side effects that can occure with this birth control pill. These risks and potential side effects include: blood clots, stroke, heart attack, weight gain, depression, and even in some very severe cases death.  Were these downplayed risks really worth the overstated benefits of taking Yaz?  The drugs manufacturer, Bayer clearly had its own bottom line in mind when it marketed this drug in the way it did and failed to inform people of the seriousness of the risks. Thankfully, Bayer is now paying the price by having new FDA regulations and recalls. So, the next time you see a Yaz commercial or information, make sure you consider whether the real benefits are really worth all the real risks.

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If you or someone you love has been a victim of a serious side effect due to the Yasmin or Yaz birth control pill, please contact a medical malpractice attorney right away. They will help you get your case heard and get the care you deserve.

Yaz Birth Control Concerns Continue

The birth control pill Yaz that once was all over commercials and online has being not only an effective form of birth control but also claimed to help with the symptoms of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD has now made the news because of serious side effects and possible false claims. Yaz contains drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. These levels of hormones have been known to cause some serious side effects that the Yaz commercials did not really seem to tell consumers enough about. Bayer’s company intentions were good and the marketing was great, but has it really been worth all the concern and controversy over the Yaz birth control pill now? Some consumers on Yaz are now scared or afraid to take it based on reports they have read or seen. Some people that are taking it now even say that it did not help them with their PDD symptoms as much as the ads and commercials claimed it would. Marketing is important and money is important, but consumer’s right to accurate information and proper warnings should always come first. Without a consumer’s trust, there is no product to sell. I believe Bayer has to regain their trust in many consumers that trusted the Yaz ads and commercials. They have a long way to go before they do.

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Death Being Investigated of Woman who Took Yaz Birth Control

The Bayer AG company in Germany is having its Yaz Pill investigated by the Swiss Health regulator has part of the reason a woman may have died. The woman was said to die from the effects of a pulmonary embolism and had been taking the pill for ten months. These types of problems are the rare but serious side effects of taking hormone-based contraceptives such as Yaz. It is true that just because this one woman may have died due in part as a result of Yaz, that not all woman are at risk by taking Yaz. This story though among others makes people start to wonder why the Bayer Company tried to cover up the serious side effects of this pill. Is it because money truly talks and Yaz is a huge money maker for Bayer? Or is it because all birth control pills have their risks so they did not see the need to mention them? Or finally is it because they really did not think the risks of this Yaz Birth Control pill were that serious? Whatever the case, people should know all the risks of any medicine they take, big or small, no matter how good the medicine may be or how much money the company may make. Consumers have the right to know what they are consuming.

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Yasmin Birth Control is a Money Maker but is it truly Safe?

Every one might remember the catchy “We’re Not Gonna Take it” and “balloons” commercials for the Yasmin or Yaz Birth Control pill. We may even remember all the benefits the pill was said to provide the consumer with, but what we may not remember is the listing of the dangerous side effects the Yasmin or Yaz pill could cause. This is because the commercials for Yaz overstated the pill’s effectiveness and understated the serious side effects that go along with it. This violates the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as well as the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines.

The marketing by Bayer Healthcare for Yaz or Yasmin was great. It brought in millions of dollars for the company and it may have been some of the company’s best marketing. What the company failed to market or to take into consideration is that all birth control pills including this one have serious side effects including: blood clots, stroke, heart attack, and even death. These commercials failed to let consumers know the seriousness of these side effects and now the company may pay in a big way.

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Supreme Court Decision Allows for Compensation

A March 4th Supreme Court decision has allowed juries to award damages for the harmful side effects of drugs, even if the drug had the proper FDA approved warning labels. This ruling comes in the wake of recent discovery that many drugs widely used on the market over the past decade were the result of falsified medical research.Thousands of cases against the makers of drugs like Vioxx, will now have a higher probabilty of settling, after the drug has been shown to cause serious heart related problems, as well as hinder bone growth.

If you or a loved one has had their quality of life decline due to the harmful side effects of a prescription medicine, then they may be entitled to compensation. Please contact an attorney immediately.

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Health Alert– Botox Injections for Neurological Injuries Causing Death and Serious Illness in Patients

On February 8, 2008, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a safety alert regarding the use of Botox injections for neurological injuries. Prior to this date, the FDA had received reports for patients who have had severe respiratory side effects following the use of botulinum toxins type A and B. These reactions are believed to occur when the botulinum toxins spread in the body beyond the site where it is injected. The most serious cases associated with these injections resulted in hospitalization and even death in children treated for cerebral palsy associated limb difficulties. It is also worthwhile to note that this injection treatment has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for children or adults.

Although not approved, doctors have recently experimented with using botox injections in patients with neurological injuries. In this treatment, doctors inject small amounts of Botox into areas of the neck which purportedly relieves pain for up to 120 days before it wears off. Unfortunately, because the technique and treatment is poorly understood, some patients have had muscle paralysis to the esophagus. As a result, these patients are unable to swallow, nor function properly as fluid and food is aspirated into the lungs. Tragically, as of February, 16 deaths have occurred and 658 reports of injuries have been associated with Botox injections.

And while Botox is receiving a lot of negative attention in the United States, Europe continues to permit Botox to be used for this treatment. However, the Europeans require a specific warning before use that the treatment can result in long-standing muscle weakness or paralysis–especially among children.

Fortunately, The FDA continues to monitor and study this issue. However, for those who have suffered an adverse event related to Botox, I highly recommend that they complete the form online posted on the FDA”s website.

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What Makes Fish Swim Weirdly And Not Eat? PROZAC IN THE WATER! A NJ & PA Study of Pharmaceutical Drugs in the Drinking Water.

Philadelphia and New Jersey made national headlines last month as scientists questioned whether the vast amount of pharmaceutical drugs found in our water supply could have long term effects on health and wellness. Now, new studies show “abnormal behavior” in human cells and wildlife after exposure to the same prescription drugs that we are consuming on a daily basis.

Locally, Philadelphia was found to have 56 different pharmaceutical contaminants (including medicine for pain, epilepsy, heart problems and mental illness), while water supplies in North Jersey were found to have significant amounts of metabolized angina medicine and psychiatric drugs.

Researchers believe the drugs entered the water supply through human waste. Apparently, when people take prescription drugs, whatever is not absorbed by the body is naturally eliminated and flushed down the toilet. And, although water is treated before public use, most treatments fail to completely remove pharmaceutical drug residue.

While health officials continue to insist that the amount of prescription drugs found in public water supplies are too small to have a therapeutic effect; they do not, however, dismiss the fact that frequent consumption of contaminated water can have long term health effects. EPA administrator, Benjamin Grumbles says that the situation is a “growing concern” and that they are taking these findings “very seriously.”

Furthermore, while it is too early to track the long-term effects of pharmaceutical contaminants in drinking water, scientists have

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Prescription drug Singular linked to suicide and behavioral changes

Pharmaceutical giant, Merck, has come under investigation yet again- this time concerning the asthma and allegory drug Singular. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) announced on March 27th that it will be working with Merck to determine if there is link between Merck’s asthma and allergy drug, Singular, and suicide. Singular is marketed as a drug used to treat asthma and the symptoms associated with allergies such as sneezing, runny nose and itching of nose. The drug is also known to be used to prevent exercise induced asthma.

The FDA was moved to begin the investigation after receiving numerous reports of mood and behavior changes, suicidal thinking and actual cases of suicide that were reported in several patients who took the drug.

Located in Whitehouse, New Jersey, Merck is the same the pharmaceutical company who brought the drug Vioxx to the public. Vioxx was removed from shelves after the company admitted that the medication was linked to heart attacks and strokes in thousands of people. This past summer, Merck agreed to pay 4.8 billion in settlements for patients who had documented injuries linked to the drug.

Ironically, this settlement seemed to be a bargain to Merck as Vioxx accounted for 2.5 billion of Merck’s 2003 profits and many billions of dollars over the life of the drug. Merck was forced to pull the Vioxx off the market in 2004 after its own studies showed that the pain killer doubled the risk of heart attack when taken for at least 18 months.

Similarly, the drug Singular, has accounted for 4.3 billion dollars of Merck’s sales last year. The FDA has asked the company to do a deeper analysis into its data and disclose any possible links to suicide. Merck’s officials have agreed to cooperate in the investigation.

In the meantime, patients that are currently using Singular should monitor and document any unfavorable side effects associated with its usage. In addition, if you are a patient currently experiencing suicidal thoughts or behavioral changes, contact your doctor immediately to discuss alternative treatment options.

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