Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers: New Owners Try to Fix Up Facility

The Central Coast Nursing Center, a Santa Barbara, California area nursing home, faces hard times after state officials have discovered an array of health and safety violations. Additionally, two former employees have been arrested on sexual battery and elder abuse charges. The facility has recently changed owners in an effort to fix old problems and rebuild their reputation as a quality facility. As nursing home abuse lawyers, we see facilities change ownership frequently. Sometimes, this causes crucial elements of care to slip through the cracks, allowing residents to suffer. But, as is often the case, change can also be for the best, and … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Doctor Liability to 3rd Parties

In some states, there has been a trend to impose a duty on physicians regarding third parties who have not directly sought treatment from the doctor. A simple example may be a doctor who advises a patient, who is prone to seizures, that he can safely drive his care home from an appointment. Should that doctor be liable to a third party who was seriously injured in a car accident after the patient had a seizure driving home? How about a doctor who prescribes a medication, which a patient has an unfortunate reaction to, and injures pedestrians on the car ride home for the doctor’s office? Medical malpractice attorneys have found that different … [Read more...]