Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Report on New Laws to End Elder Abuse

Nursing home abuse has become such a wide spread problem that some states are looking to crack down on offenders. Citing an increase in abuse of the elderly and vulnerable, some state lawmakers have advocated for adding persons convicted of elder abuse to a registry of offenders similar to the registry of sex offenders. While this new law would not increase penalties or make any new conduct criminal, it could go a long way in deterring and preventing future incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, most states do not have such laws in place and it appears that nursing home abuse is still on the rise. That is why it is … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice and Cosmetic Surgery

On Friday, June 23rd, a Superior Court judge decided not to overturn a civil jury's decision to rule against medical malpractice on the part of surgeon Dr. Richard Marfuggi. The Daily Record, a local newspaper in New Jersey, explained that Marfuggi is a renowned plastic surgeon, who specializes in breast implant and reduction surgeries. Deborah Wrede, the patient, claims that Marfuggi left her "mutilated and flat chested," reported the Record. Regardless of the particulars, this case's broader implications of cosmetic surgery and medical malpractice may continue to be a point of contention in New Jersey courts. The question for a jury in a … [Read more...]