Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Not Being Covered for Military Victims

Military healthcare officials are collectively refusing to pay for a new treatment to rehabilitate traumatic brain injury victims, despite widespread support from doctors and lawmakers Traumatic Brain Injury and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy While Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, may bring on significant physical limitiations, it can also cause cognitive limitations. Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT) aims to repair those limitations. It addresses concentration, language skills, learning, memory, reasoning, judgement, and social skills. Through various techniques and learning exercises, therapists and neuropsychologists help … [Read more...]

Brain Injury Prompts Change on the Battlefield

Traumatic Brain Injury is a serious and occasionally devastating event that can change the course of person's life forever. Concussions, though outwardly showing almost no symptoms, can be fierce catalysts for traumatic brain injuries. Proffessional sports organizations have been forced to take precautions when players suffer concussions, and now, military forces will be forced to take those same precautions. Military Precautions Regarding Traumatic Brain Injury A story done by NPR on Tuesday, October 12th, revealed that Mike Mullen, United States Navy Admiral and current Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, has ordered that … [Read more...]