Police Make Arrest for Nursing Home Abuse in New Jersey

A North Bergen nursing home worker was arrested recently for nursing home abuse that may or may not have lead to the death of an 87 year-old resident. Fifty-nine year old Julia C. Galvan, also of North Bergen, was arrested and charged with assault, abandonment, and neglect. Since her arrest, she’s posted $5,000 bail and has been fired from Harborage, the facility in North Bergen, New Jersey where she worked. Nursing Home Abuse of Defenseless Resident The victim of Galvan’s abuse was 87 year-old Modesta Alvarado. On January 15th, 2011, Galvan decided to wake Alvarado by slapping her in the head. Once Alvarado opened her eyes, Galvan … [Read more...]

Attorneys Report on Awful Abuse of Dementia Patient

As New Jersey and Philadelphia attorneys who have become experts on nursing home abuse and neglect cases, we continue to highlight nursing homes in which acts of elder abuse occur. The Delaware County, Pennsylvania nursing home that we will focus on today seems to be an example of horrible abuse by staff at a nursing facility. Quadrangle Nursing Home Residents Caught on Tape Abusing Dementia Patient The family of a 78 year old Lois McCallister, a patient at the Quadrangle nursing home in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, placed a “nanny cam” in view of their relative after she complained of being punched, slapped, and otherwise abused by … [Read more...]