Nursing Home Neglect Can be Caused by Poor Working Conditions

With the nation’s elderly population increasing to an all time high, nursing home neglect is becoming a bigger problem than ever before. More direct care workers are needed to staff the nursing homes and long-term care facilities to keep up with the growing number of residents. Quality employees are in high demand and it is more important than ever to make sure that their working conditions are acceptable. This is a demanding and often thankless job, and unhappy employees can be the beginning of the nursing home neglect cycle. Unsatisfied Employees can have Fatal Consequences Direct care workers spend the most time with the nursing home … [Read more...]

Good seats still available in America’s worst nursing homes

Imagine opening up the newspaper and learning that your grandmother was resting comfortably in one of the nation's worst nursing home. That's right, your elderly loved one's savings and insurance dollars going to paying for care at a facility noted for offenses involving unnecessary use of medication, bed sores, unlawful use of restraints, and inadequate safeguards to protect patients from day-to-day hazards in the nursing home. After initially resisting their disclosure to the folks who paid for the survey- the taxpayers- the Bush administration finally published the names of 131 nursing homes with poor inspection records. While any … [Read more...]