Medical Malpractice Attorneys Score Back to Back Wins in PA

In late April, two plaintiffs in Erie County, Pennsylvania received favorable verdicts in their medical malpractice cases, with awards totally over $30 million. One case involved the estate of Carolyn Champlin, a 66 year old woman who lost her life to a missed lung cancer diagnosis. The missed diagnosis prevented Champlin from ever receiving treatment for her illness, even though she had all necessary tests and met with both her primary care physician and a thoracic surgeon regularly. Both doctors missed the cancer, as it spread through and ravaged her body. Another case involved a negligent child-birth that resulted in cerebral … [Read more...]

Cerebral Palsy Attorneys Win Large Verdict in New York State

In New York State, a tremendous verdict was awarded recently to a 24 year old woman who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy Results After Prolonged Oxygen Deprivation Tiffany Busone and her mother sued the Bellevue Maternity Hospital (now known as the Bellevue Women's Center) for negligently delivering Tiffany on July 15th, 1984. Tiffany was deprived of oxygen for nearly 15 minutes while doctors failed to properly resuscitate her. She now suffers permanent brain damage because of it. The Saratoga County, six member jury, made up of three men and three women, unianimously agreed to award Tiffany the $43.5 million dollar … [Read more...]