Nursing Home Abuse at Avista Healthcare in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

As attorneys representing clients from New Jersey and Philadelphia that have been victims of nursing home abuse and neglect, it is important that we continue to expose those nursing homes that are not performing to the average nationwide standards according to Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare System.
Today we will discuss a nursing home that is located in Camden County, New Jersey. Although this nursing home has not been cited for neglect in the form of bed sore acquirement and treatment issues, like many others, it has many of its own deficiencies according to the New Jersey Division of Health Facilities Evaluation and Licensing.

Avista Healthcare Offers Less Than Adequate Care

new jersey philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers Avista Healthcare Cherry HillThe Avista Healthcare nursing home, located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey was routinely inspected twice between December 2008 and November 2010. During this time period, 10 separate deficiencies were cited. The nursing home was cited for failing to properly procure and serve food in a sanitary manner. As we have often highlighted in our previous posts, proper nutrition is imperative for good health and bedsore prevention in nursing home patients.

Avista Healthcare nursing home was also inspected seven times for complaints, and cited for five additional deficiencies during these inspections. Failure to be free from hazards and failure to properly implement abuse/neglect policies were among other citations imposed during these inspections. According to the Medicare inspectors, Avista Healthcare nursing home, a for-profit, corporately owned nursing home, was given an overall rating of 1 out of 5 stars. This indicates that the 146 long term bed facility is considered to function in a well below average capacity. A nursing home with this type of overall rating is ripe for cases of abuse and neglect, from accidents to bedsores. It is important that anyone with a loved one in a nursing home with this reputation be watched carefully!

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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Nursing Home Abuse Exposé: Silver Care Health Center

As nursing home abuse lawyers in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, we are continuing our posts on nursing home and long term care facilities that have had numerous citations arising from their New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services inspections. Today we are going to discuss a long term care facility that has 186 long term patient beds located in Camden County, New Jersey. The Silver Care Health Center, located on Brace Road in Cherry Hill, has been cited for a number of violations.

Silver Care Health Center Violations

nursing home abuse lawyers in nj and paSilver Care Health Center has had two routine inspections in the two year period from November 2008 through October 2010. During those two routine inspections, the Silver Care Health Care Center was cited for 31 deficiencies. The Silver Care nursing home was cited for numerous violations, i.e. life safety code standard violations, housekeeping, drug regimen not being free of unnecessary drugs, and life safety from fire issues. A number of these deficiencies were considered widespread and able to cause more than minimal harm.

It is important to check the reports on any nursing home or long term care facility you may be using for your loved one. It is important to investigate the cited deficiencies to make sure that nursing home abuse is not occurring, and that the potential for that abuse doesn’t exist. Silver Care’s level and frequency of deficiencies are red flags that must be explored to make sure your loved does not fall victim to nursing home abuse.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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The 10 Worst Nursing Homes in the Tri-County Area: #3

Nursing Home Abuse is turning long term care facilities into frightening and dangerous places to live.
Manorcare Health Center (Camden)

The third place facility in our blog series is the Manorcare Health Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Manorcare is a for profit corporation that participates in Medicare and Medicaid and holds 108 certified beds. Inspectors found that the quality of care Manorcare was providing to its residents was far less than professional or satisfactory (nursing home abuse). The facility staff failed to:

  • Make sure residents nutritional needs were met
  • Give care or service to get or keep the highest quality of life
  • Make available for residents the results of facility surveys and inspections
  • Properly hold, secure, and manage each resident’s personal money, which is deposited with the nursing home
  • Provide care that keeps or builds dignity and respect
  • Advise residents whether or not they are eligible for Medicaid benefits, and if so, how those benefits can affect them and how they can apply
  • Carefully review drug regimens to avoid errors
  • Have a licensed pharmacist check each residents’ drug regimens monthly
  • Make sure common and traffic areas are free of dangers that can cause accidents
  • Provide adequate housekeeping and maintenance
  • Provide rooms that are appropriately sized for residents
  • Keep accurate medical records

Nursing Home Abuse: It seems that Manorcare of Cherry Hill may be more interested in turning a profit that in caring for our elderly and sick. Not offering Medicaid options to those that can use them, and mishandling personal funds of residents all point towards an administration that is solely focused on the bottom line. Also a cause for a concern is the higher percentages of residents losing control of their bowels or bladders, having catheters left inside their bladders, and developing urinary tract infections. These surely are signs of staff negligence.

If You Have Been Victimized by Nursing Home Abuse, Speak Up!

Nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence are very prevalent in long term care facilities across America. The priority of the health and well being of our loved ones is being replaced by the priority of profit. Do not remain silent if you or a loved one have been hurt by nursing home negligence or abuse. The nursing home abuse attorneys at the Mininno Law office are dedicated to righting the wrongs done by negligent, abusive nursing homes. Contact us for a free case evaluation, or call us at 856-833-0600 in New Jersey, or 215-567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Note: Conclusions in this blog about nursing home abuse were formed from data provided by the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and Medicare .

Traffic cameras are coming to Cherry Hill to catch violators and make roads safer

Look out Cherry Hill drivers, traffic cameras are coming. After polling residents and taking careful consideration, the township has decided to give the green light to a new traffic program. The intersection of Springdale Road and Route 70 will be the guinea pig.

Why are traffic cameras coming to the state of New Jersey?

Cherry Hill Township is always looking out for the safety of its residents, and the red light project is a clear step in that direction. Officials have noticed a slew of people breaking the law, so they’re taking action. It’s simple cause and effect. Folks have been getting away with it for years. Whether they’re late for work or just trying to make good time, many drivers speed up when they see a yellow light. This practice is dangerous and can cause an accident. Too often, folks underestimate the dangers of speeding and rushing around. Speed limits and traffic laws are there for a reason, and too often we ignore them. If you get a traffic ticket that you believe you didn’t deserve get a traffic ticket attorney, to help you fight the ticket.

Another reason traffic cameras are coming is because the program is a cheaper alternative to adding more patrol cars on the streets. It also frees up policemen to do more important things and take care of any emergency that comes up. The bottom line? The road is the most dangerous place to be, and traffic cameras coming to town might just make our streets just a little safer. At the Mininno Law Office, our philosophy is safety first. Besides, if you always obey the law, then you have nothing to worry about.

Who’s next for the program?

According to the Courier-Post article, traffic cameras are coming to five more towns:

  • Deptford
  • Glassboro
  • Gloucester Township
  • Monroe
  • Stratford

How do you feel about traffic cameras coming to your town? Do you think the pilot program is the best method to cut down on drivers running red lights? Tell us what you think.

Do you have questions or answers about public safety?

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