Medical Malpractice Attorneys: When Medical Negligence Turns Criminal

In recent days, the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the former personal doctor of pop star Michael Jackson, has been the topic of much attention and conversation across the country. Medical malpractice attorneys note that the case revolves around one question; did the doctor’s conduct surpass mere medical negligence? Generally, when a doctor commits an act of negligence, lawyers will file a lawsuit as a civil case. In civil cases, plaintiffs seek to be compensated for a wrong committed by a doctor, but there is no risk of facing jail time. In cases of egregious medical errors, district attorneys have the authority to file criminal charges … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Win $3 Million for Young Girl

The difference between a civil trial and a criminal trial is easy. In a civil trial, the jury must reach a majority opinion based on a "more likely than not" standard, as opposed to the criminal law requirement of a unanimous decision which is beyond a reasonable doubt. Thankfully for young Hannah Tilton, a ten year old girl who is severely disabled, the civil jury system worked out. In a six to three decision, a jury found that midwife, Irene Meyers, had breached the standard of care when she oversaw Hannah's birth which led to dramatic injuries. Medical malpractice attorneys say that following a nine day trial, spanning three weeks, the … [Read more...]