Medical Malpractice Lawyers Fight for Parents of Stillborn Babies

Stillbirths are perhaps the worst tragedy to befall expectant parents. Not only do they have to endure the pain associated with the death of a child, but a mother will have to endure the entire delivery process, only to hold the body of her lifeless baby in the end. Often, stillbirths occur naturally, through no fault of doctor or patient. However, other on other occasions, medical negligence is to blame. It is for these cases that medical malpractice lawyers believe parents are due compensation. $1 Million Awarded for Pain and Suffering In 2004, New York’s highest court ruled that women can sue for emotional suffering if their … [Read more...]

Secondhand Smoke a Major Player in Birth Defects and Stillbirths

As reported by,University of Nottingham reporters recently published a review paper that highlighted results of a number of previous studies which suggested that exposing nonsmoking pregnant women to secondhand smoke increases the risk of a stillbirth by 23%. Passive smoking increases the risk of congenital birth defects by 13%. The paper, an analysis based on data retrieved from 19 previous studies, is scheduled to appear in the April issue of the medical journal, Pediatrics. Simultaneously, researchers tried to link secondhand smoke with miscarriage and unexplained infant death, but were not able to find any correlations. They … [Read more...]