Elder Abuse Lawyers: California Developing Website to Report Abuse

Every state operates differently. Elder abuse lawyers and state officials advocating for the elderly are always looking at the procedures of other states to find out what is working in the fight against abuse and neglect. New legislation is waiting the approval of the governor in California to develop a secure website for police, doctors, and other authorities to report suspected elder abuse and neglect. The current system in California, and in a good portion of the country, involves a phone call to the state’s elder abuse hotline to report all forms of suspected abuse. The biggest flaw with the hotline, however, seems to be that, because … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Occurs as Fraud and Theft

Not all forms of elder and nursing home abuse are physical. Financial elder abuse is becoming more of a problem in this country. Nursing home employees and caregivers are taking advantage of the elderly and sometimes even stealing large amounts of money from them or putting themselves in charge of their finances. Banks will often issue signature stamps to their elderly and disabled customers who are not able to physically go to the bank. Some caregivers are using these stamps to steal thousands of dollars from their elderly patients. Caregiver uses Signature Stamp to Steal from Elderly Woman Liz Sanders is a Southern California woman … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Caps in California Prevent Parents from Receiving Answers

Mr. and Mrs. Cull lost their daughter to medical malpractice during a routine surgery and spent the last two years trying to find out why, still unsure if they actually know what happened in the operating room that fateful day. Olivia Cull Dies After Routine Procedure Olivia Cull underwent surgery as a baby that left one side of her heart smaller than the other. She lived her life this way, until she was a senior in high school. Doctors wanted to install a catheter in her heart to prep for the final surgery that would correct the small side of her heart. She was nervous, but her mother reassured her that the catheterization procedure … [Read more...]

$9 million Awarded to Victim of Medical Malpractice

A California jury awarded Maria Theresa Sanchez $9 million when her physicians comitted medical malpractice and negligence by failing to diagnose her brain infection, causing permanent brain damage. Maria's Past Medical History As a child, Maria Theresa Sanchez was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, or "water on the brain." The disorder involves an abnormal build-up of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain. A shunt was installed within her head to drain the excess fluid and relieve any intracranial pressure caused by the condition. Negligent Doctors fail to Diagnose Infection In 2003, Maria (37) walked into the emergency room at … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Employees Arrested for Cruel Prank

On Wednesday, August 4th, six nursing home employees at the Valley View Skilled Nursing Facility in Ukiah, California were arrested on misdemeanor criminal charges for a cruel and abusive prank they played on a select number of residents. According to a release from the Attorney General's office, each of the six employees greased up the bodies of their patients with slippery ointment cream at they end of their shift so they would be slippery for the oncoming shift of workers. The residents that fell victim to this nursing home abuse were chosen because they suffered from an advanced level of dementia and could not fight the treatment. … [Read more...]