Elder Abuse Lawyers Report: Hospice Nurse Charged with Stealing Drugs

Medication is another method that caretakers often use to control or abuse their elderly patients. Sometimes, medications are used to restrain patients and make them less difficult to deal with, but nurses and caretakers have also abused their power by taking prescribed medication for themselves. The elder abuse lawyers of the Mininno Law Office want to warn about this form of abuse because it is both a criminal act and neglect of the patients who need those medications. These caretakers are abusing their position for their own gain which can not be tolerated. Nurse Caught on Tape Taking Pain Killers and Anti-Depressants from Elderly … [Read more...]

How To Treat A Bedsore

The development of a bedsore (or pressure sore) in an elderly or bedridden loved one can be a scary ordeal. Bedsores are painful and often require months of treatment before they heal. Bedsores can also be fatal if not cared for properly; therefore, it is important that family members are extremely involved in the treatment process. The following list offers practical tips on how to treat a bedsore. Families can also use the list as a gauge to determine whether their loved one is receiving appropriate care from the nursing home or hospital staff. In addition, I encourage you to read ahead to the legal rights of a bedsore patient. Bedsores … [Read more...]