Elder Abuse Lawyers Educate on Financial Abuse

Theft is a huge problem in this country. Unfortunately, as elder abuse lawyers, we see too many of our elderly, vulnerable adults being taken advantage of because they are seen an easy target. As a whole, the elderly community is more trusting. They grew up in an era where theft and deception was less common as it is today. Around five million elderly adults are victims of abuse each year and financial abuse specifically is costing them $3 billion annually. There are resources to help you prepare yourself and your loved ones against financial elder abuse. What is Financial Elder Abuse? According to eldercare.gov “Financial exploitation … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Encourage You to Trust Your Instincts

A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the right nursing home for your loved one. Location, cost, equipment, and staff are all important factors when considering what facility will become responsible for the life and care of your elderly loved one. But one thing we encourage as nursing home abuse attorneys is to trust your gut when choosing a facility. In most cases, as always, if something feels wrong , it probably is. Family Notices Signs of Abuse Quickly and Takes Action Moraa’s Assisted Living, a nursing home in Collegedale, Tennessee, is shutting down after of a number of resident abuse cases have been reported. The home was … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Warn Against For-Profit Homes

Not all nursing homes are the same. There are many facilities with hardworking caretakers who are dedicated to giving the best care they can to their elderly residents. But unfortunately, there are nursing homes in this country that use the system for their own benefit at the expense of the sick and elderly in their care. As nursing home abuse attorneys, we have noticed more for-profit facilities taking these shortcuts for a financial gain. Downside to For-Profit Facilities These facilities will overbill Medicare for expensive care they should be providing and then cut corners to pocket the profits. According to the U.S. Department of … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Warn of Medical Records Cover Up

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is more prevalent in hospitals and long term care facilities than many people are aware. Too many families have experienced the horror and sadness of discovering abuse after it is too late. But even after the abuse has occurred and, in some of the worst cases, the patient has died, the nursing home or caretaker must be held accountable. All too often, nursing home abuse lawyers find facilties withholding medical records to cover their grave mistakes. Nursing Home Withholds Abused Patient’s Medical Records In Oklahoma City, a family is still grieving the death of 96 year-old Eryetha Mayberry, but now they … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys: Blogs Help Educate

If you have spent any time at all combing the internet for news and/or advice regarding nursing home abuse, you've no doubt stumbled upon Jonathon Rosenfeld's Nursing Home Abuse Blog. Through his frequent updates and pertinent analysis, Rosenfeld has established a real and dependable source for information and guidance aimed at helping victims and their families attain justice for wrongs perpetrated at nursing homes, by home health aids, or even by other family members. Nursing home abuse attorneys of Messa & Associates are proud to be among the company of Jonathon Rosenfeld in a common mission to protect the elderly from negligent care … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers: Haverford Facility’s Staff Found Not Guilty

Early last year our contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation. You may also call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia. … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse Lawyers Give Update on Disturbing Case

About a month ago, the elder abuse lawyers of the Mininno Law Office reported on an elderly woman who was being severely neglected by her adult son. Police found Carol Brown, 74, unresponsive in the home of her son James Owens, 52, and rushed her to the hospital but she died just days later. The responders described Brown as “a rotting corpse that was still breathing.” She was found fused to her chair surrounded by her own waste, with a swollen ankle wound containing maggots. It also became clear that Owens had not fed his mother in over a week. Brown’s daughter, Laura Sanders, is incredibly mad at her brother for allowing their mother to die … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse through Theft by Facility Account Manager

Nursing home abuse is not only physical. Financial abuse is becoming more prevalent as the economy worsens. The elderly are a vulnerable and often trusting population and are therefore easy targets for financial abuse. Frequently checking into your loved ones accounts is vital in identity or other theft prevention. Be careful who you grant access to to these accounts. Even nursing home employees can have ill intentions. Staff Member Steals $28,000 from 94 Residents A Connecticut nursing home is being fined $3,000 after $27,472 was stolen from 94 residents by a staff member. The administrators of the Village Green of Waterbury discovered the … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers: CNAs Took Unauthorized Photo of Resident

There are many excellent nursing home and long term care facility workers. Unfortunately, the bad ones overshadow the good ones with the abusive and neglectful treatment that they give the elderly residents they are supposed to care for. As nursing home neglect lawyers, we hear all different types of abuse ranging from the horrible cases that end in serious injury and even death to cases where the staff takes advantage of their power or the vulnerable elderly residents through inappropriate behavior. CNAs Shared Cellphone Photo of Resident with Other Staff Members The Colonial Hills Nursing Center in Tennessee has undergone an investigation … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse Lawyers: Caretaker Steals from 100-Year-Old Grandmother

Caretakers have an incredibly hard job taking care of the elderly on a daily basis. Often trusting a stranger feels too risky so someone close to the patient volunteers to take the role of caretaker. Even though most people want to believe that their loved ones wouldn’t take advantage of an elderly person’s vulnerable state, it happens every day. Elder abuse lawyers see situations all of the time where someone sees an opportunity to make some easy money from their elderly relative who in their mind doesn’t need the money anymore. No matter what the situation, this is still theft and elder abuse and should never be tolerated. Granddaughter … [Read more...]