Medical Malpractice Attorneys Earn $24 Million for New Jersey Woman

An Orange County, New York jury awarded a Montague, New Jersey woman $24 million following an extreme incident of medical malpractice. Diane Manganiello was forty two years old when she was the victim of negligence which sent her into a coma for a period of time and now has left her with severe brain damage and very limited speech. Medical malpractice attorneys say that the damage award included $19.5 million for her future medical and rehabilitation needs and an additional $5 million for Andrew, her husband, for the relationship and enjoyment of life that he has now lost. Mother of Five is the Victim of Medical Negligence Manganiello … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys – Judge-Directed Negotiations

The Obama Administration has given money grants to states as part of its health-care plan in order to launch a variety of projects in an effort to limit the rising costs and expenses of lengthy medical malpractice litigation. New York has taken those federal funds and run with them, creating a new approach known as "judge-directed negotiations". Medical malpractice attorneys will now have the ability to sit down with opposing counsel and the judge much earlier in the litigation process in an effort to discuss potential settlements. This is a major step forward because now lawyers will be able to meet and discuss potential agreements months … [Read more...]

Birth Injury Attorneys Win Large Verdict for New York Family

Recently, a New York jury awarded a family $510,000 after negligence in the delivery room led to birth injury, oxygen deprivation, and brain damage for young Xzavier Hyman. Doctor Veers from Standard of Care and Causes Permanent Damage Dr. Paul Heltzer and the Staten Island University Hospital were found responsible for the speech probelms, learning disabilities, and reduced life expectancy that Xzavier now faces due to the extended period of time he went without oxygen on the day of his birth. Dr. Heltzer broke Xzavier's mother's water prematurely, while labor was still progressing quite slowly. He then administered dosages of the … [Read more...]

Jury Awards $7 Million to Victims of Medical Malpractice in New York

In New York, a Queens jury has awarded a Long Island couple $7 million in a case of medical malpractice that almost led to the untimely death of Owen McNamara. Medical Malpractice at St. Francis Hospital St. Francis Hospital, located on Long Island, NY, is known as "The Heart Center". It's reputation for cardiac excellence has patients the world over seeking treatment there. That is why Owen and Jo-Ann McNamara went to St. Francis Hospital for a "routine" by-pass surgery. The surgery went smoothly. Post-op, however, did not. While in the ICU (Intenstive Care Unit), Owen developed a condition called tamponade. This condition involves … [Read more...]