Elder Abuse Lawyers: Woman Pleads Guilty to Abusing Her Mother

It seems that lately, we are writing more and more about the elderly being neglected and abused by their adult children. As the economy worsens, less people can afford to go into a nursing home or long term care facility and find themselves depending on family members for essential, life sustaining care. But caring for an elderly adult is a huge responsibility and requires a commitment that not everyone is able to follow through with. It is unfortunate that our elder abuse lawyers see so many of these cases and have to warn the elderly to look out for signs of abuse and neglect from their own children. Woman Waited a Week after Her Mother … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers: Update on Michigan Maggot Case

Last month, our nursing home abuse lawyers wrote about a facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan where maggots were found in a patient’s catheter. The staff of the Whitehall Healthcare Center of Ann Arbor was told to document the incident as “debridement,” which is a term that means dead tissue, not maggots. Now, three former employees of the facility have sued the home and parent company, claiming that they were fired for reporting the abuse. The state came to the home after one of the former certified nursing aides filed a complaint due to a patient fall. When the investigators were visiting the facility, all three of the aides told them about the … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Physician Becomes Victim of Malpractice

Kevin Parsons was a successful physician practicing in the fields of geriatric and internal medicine. Tragically, Parsons was diagnosed with Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS), an extremely rare autoimmune disorder. Medical malpractice attorneys have found that the disorder is so uncommon that it only affects 300 people on the face of the earth. Parsons devoted the next twenty years of his life researching and writing on LEMS as well as advising others with this terrible disorder. Through his far-reaching research, Parsons determined that a stem cell transplant might be a potential cure for LEMS, so he traveled to Chicago to undergo the … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse Lawyers Warn of the “Grandparent Scam”

It is always disheartening to hear stories about the elderly and disabled being scammed or taken advantage of for their money. The elderly can be vulnerable and more trusting of others, so those with bad intentions prey on them as easy targets. As elder abuse lawyers, we strongly urge you to be careful of who you trust and to be wary of where you leave financial documents and account numbers – do not leave them where strangers can access them. Elderly Scammed Out of Thousands Over the Phone A very popular scam in recent years has been to call elderly adults pretending to be a grandchild, asking for money to be wired due to some emergency. … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Argue Many Cases in NYC

The country’s largest metropolitan area, New York City, was home to an enormous amount of medical malpractice lawsuits stemming from the actions of healthcare providers at public hospitals. Medical malpractice attorneys point out that much of the money paid out in damages came directly from taxpayers. Due to the negligence and malpractice of healthcare providers, 246 cases were completed in 2011 and the damage amounts are startling. The total number of payouts in New York City was up 5% to $135 million, $7 million more than the 2010 totals. Two Shocking Cases from 2011 First, Damian Saul, 43, suffered a massive stroke while he waited for … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Girl Reaches Settlement with Hospital

The long and troubled journey of Malyia Jeffers now has found closure following a settlement between her family and Methodist Hospital, in California. The Sacramento girl was forced to wait five hours in an emergency room for medical attention regarding an infection. The girl was running a fever and was weakened due to a strep infection. Medical malpractice attorneys believe that due to the long wait she endured at Methodist Hospital, she lost her feet, her left hand, and part of her right hand. Once she finally did receive medical assistance, she was immediately flown to Stanford University where she was diagnosed with septic shock. Damage … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers: Facility Ignores Doctor’s Orders

Our nursing home neglect lawyers want to remind you that when you have a family member or loved one in a nursing home or long term care facility, it is incredibly important to make frequent and unannounced visits and to ask the nurses questions about your loved one’s care. With high turnover rates and a large number of residents, certain elements of proper care do slip through the cracks and mentioning to the nurses things that are unique to your loved one could end up being the difference between life and death. Dietary restrictions and allergies are things that you should mention multiple times. Man Supposed to be on Restricted Pureed Diet … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse Lawyers: Woman Found in her Own Waste Fused to Chair

Caring for an elderly parent is an incredibly difficult task. As elder abuse lawyers, we see far too many cases of abuse and neglect that involve an adult child disregarding the needs of their vulnerable parent. If your mother or father is being cared for by another sibling, it is very important to check up on them just as you would if the parent was in a nursing home or under the care of another aide. Son Neglects Mother While Telling His Sister She is Fine At the end of October the police went to the son of 74-year-old Carol Brown’s home to find her unresponsive and living in deplorable conditions. The paramedics rushed Brown to the … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: New Technology Beneficial?

The Institute of Medicine recently released a study entitled “Health IT and Patient Safety: Building Safer Systems for Better Care” which discussed the benefits of electronic recording systems of medicine. However, this report also uncovered the potential risks of medical malpractice that may arise as these systems are developed. The report calls for new plans to be utilized which would help with patient safety when dealing with electronic medical records. Medical malpractice attorneys believe this could eventually lead to possible FDA regulations regarding electronic medical records. The Issues Facing the Move to the Future Medical … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Canadian Man Dies Awaiting Treatment

Brian Sinclair passed away after he waited 34 long hours in an emergency room awaiting treatment, and now his relatives have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit. The Province of Manitoba is arguing that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not guarantee a right to life, liberty and security, which has been the focus of the medical malpractice attorneys for Sinclair’s family. The province is arguing that the charter “guarantees a right not to be deprived of life, liberty, and security of the person in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.” The province also argues that the government was not negligent in the man’s death … [Read more...]